Website Development to Social Media: 5 Things to Remember for Online Marketing

31 January 2015 | Online Marketing Web Development

Starting your own business these days is relatively easier than it used to be, in the days before the advent of the Internet. With all the advancements and development in technology, more options are available, and so you can hardly blame others for wanting to take advantage of this.

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One of the potential benefits one will see when starting an online business is that of reaching a wider audience. Since everyone all over the globe is connected to the Web at any given time, your website has the potential to reach a global audience from Day 1.

However, a successful campaign in online marketing Egypt is still integral to making sure your website gets off the ground with even the beginnings of a stable following, since without customers, your business won’t last long. So here are some things to remember, to make sure things go smoothly.

1. Check your website. It may have happened to you before – you were browsing online and found an interesting-looking link, so you clicked it. It led you to a page that either loaded slowly, where the background was distracting, or with text that was hardly readable.

This is where website development Egypt comes into play. Even if the design you wind up using is simple compared to that of other companies’, you’ll have at least point in your favor if the website doesn’t immediately turn customers away. Make sure you can read the text; the colors shouldn’t clash with your logo; and the navigation should be easy to understand.

2. Be consistent. In advertising, consistency doesn’t mean using the same layout over and over. You can use the same color palette, if that’s part of your campaign, but let your creativity come up with different ways to present your brand so that people recognize it as yours and no one else’s.

Think of companies today that are successful, such as Apple; their ads usually are recognizable, even from a distance. That’s the sort of consistency you’ll want in your own campaign.

3. Know your goals. Nothing affects a campaign as badly as not having an aim. If you don’t know the message you want to send, you’re better off not launching an online marketing campaign. You want your potential clients to know what they’re getting from you and what to expect, not get confused by your ads.

4. Don’t ignore social media. It used to be an online pastime, and another way to keep in touch with loved ones who lived far away. Now, it’s a key part of any online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) attempts, as any SEO company Egypt will tell you.

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the perfect place for providers and consumers to interact without being all formal, and for companies to get up close and personal with their customers.

5. Don’t copy and paste. As in fashion, trends will come and go. Don’t just copy every trend you come across and tailor your campaign to fit around it. Find an approach that complements your image, and your company will stand out as one-of-a-kind.