Website Development in Dubai: Design Considerations for Your Target Audience

09 December 2014 | Web Development

In the aspect of website development in Dubai that concerns design, there is no such thing as a second chance to make an impactful first impression. The human mind is hardwired to judge, so you cannot simply tell it to halt in order for you to present your graphic piece. Much more if your target audience is on a global scale. Site translation doesn’t only pertain to the change in the language. It also can also mean the reconsideration of the entire website design Dubai, which involves color choice, imagery, lay – outing and navigation.

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Cultural Observation

When it comes to determining the high aspect of culture, color is a huge factor. Understand that each color bears a different meaning from one place to another.

For an instance in the west, white is the symbol of purity and cleanliness but when you head on over to China and Japan it is the color of mourning. Another instance is that in North America they see red as the color of danger and strong emotions akin to anger but in China it actually indicates happiness. See the differences? There are even colors out there that bear political connotations and with that you must do your absolute best to avoid applying orange if one of your target market includes Ireland. Thus, before you proceed in making color alterations, make sure it’s apt with your target market.

Right – To – Left

Ever notice how Japanese books seem like the other way around? That is due to the fact that they are the kind of people who read from left to right. It is very different from the common English language. To put it simply, language affects how a person scans a web page. If people from a certain country read from right to left, there is a high chance that that would also be how they would scan pages.

In furthering the translation of your site to another language, it is imperative that you also alter its navigational course to supplement their scanning endeavors. Every leading IT Company Duba i knows of this simple fact because they are aiming to ace the readability of their website’s contents.

Adapt With Flexibility

As far as web designing Dubai is concerned, language also has the ability to affect the overall layout of a website. Every translator knows that the German can take up to 30 percent more space than English. Asian languages are also no different because Chinese and Korean require much less space compared to English. Such differences are actually heinous for professional web creators.

Now that you think about it, translating your site should all be about creating aesthetics that your target viewers would appreciate. Take the aspect of language spacing into serious accounts during your stage design conceptualization. Come up with a template with a 2D animation Dubai that can be adapted to other languages as well. As much as possible, do your best to aim for flexibility.