The 5 UI Design Samples Website Development Dubai Get Their Inspiration From

25 January 2015 | Web Development

In website development Dubai, they go out of their way to create outputs that would meet their client’s needs in their utmost demands. Following through all of that, they go out of their way to make a website that accentuates obviousness. Obviousness is now the main determinant of success for interactive user interface. And here are the five samples that inspired its creation with the way they delighted their users.

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1. iOS Interface

Even competitors would hate to admit to it but truthfully speaking, the iOS interface has managed to shape the impressions for both desktop and mobile surfaces. Sure, its UI does have relapses but looking back to how much it managed to introduce a different kind of Ui onto the world and how much they’ve revolutionized such interfaces, it’s obvious to admit that they’ve set some high changes in motion. They brought out unique and user – friendly experience to the desktop and mobile market.

2. Windows 8 Mobile

If iOS made their impressive fortune when they introduced GUI (graphical user interface), Windows toughened the competition when they paved the way for Windows 8. We’re talking about interactive and customizable tiles here that broadcast updates on a regular basis and to make things more interesting, they also aggregated it into a highly functional desktop Operating System. As web development Dubai pros would put it, Windows 8 made the almost – constant stream of updated data.

3. Nest Learning Thermostat

With the tagline “It never stops learning,” the Nest Thermostat made the complicated thermostat system as simple as it will ever be. Before, people didn’t really mind the normal yet complex way of handling house temperatures but now that Nest made all the difference, the whole twisting up and down and interactive programming managed to set the standard of simplicity amongst all temperature handling systems.

4. Mario Kart’s Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling is one of the biggest design trends known to every website developer Dubai to date. This is where the mouse’s scroll wheel brings to life the elements found in a website that things appear to be three – dimensional. People can thank the fancy HTML5 and CSS3 coding that generates the website’s background in a way that it moves at a slower rate compared to the objects set at the foreground.

5. WWF’s App

One of the key things that determine a website’s success as an active webpage is the way it is able to connect with its users. With WWF’s elegant app, they highlighted what it means to let their users discover content in the most innovative way possible. The demand of iPads in the market has become heavily distinctive and everyone seems to have grown attached to the finger – swiping motions. Now, The World Wildlife Fund has released a free new iPad app called WWF Together that is a stunning example of what you can do with gesture-based interactions.