Make Your Animation Move with Responsibility

06 April 2015 | Web Development

It actually makes me laugh remembering those times when all of us were ignorant of animations. Remember the stickman? How that one black character with a circle as its head combined with sticks as its body, arms and legs? Remember how he flew from one point of your screen to another? If yes, that was some fun time huh? If no, where in the world have you been?!

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During those times, animations were merely a medium for entertainment. Those really short moving objects provided little laughs here and there but now, animation has grown to be more than just for entertainment. These days, animations are widely implemented for purposes of promotions. Companies would hire a web developer and tell him to make something that would make their business appealing and interesting to those who lay their eyes on it.

The world has definitely evolved and every web development Qatar professional is tutored to do such mediums as well. As a matter of fact, those professionals get higher pay if they know how to animate. Impressive, huh? Be that as it may there are some rules that are needed to be followed, especially in the art of animation and applying it for promotions.

Utilize it with caution

The medium of animation is pleasing to the eyes but it shouldn’t be overused. Reality sticks, even if animation creates a certain appeal to its viewers, it doesn’t mean that it would be applied in every webpage you create. Why? Because it unnecessary application would give an impression of unprofessionalism.

Be mindful of your creative concepts

You were an avid fan of the stick man and it happens that the trend of the stickman is back in the market. Are you going to apply it on the website you’re creating? That depends. You must first determine if such concept is applicable to the project or not. If yes, then go ahead and let your creativity shine. However, if it is not, you shouldn’t risk it. Why? Because that’s where the line of preferred creativity is separated from professionalism.

For an instance, a company implemented to their every creative specialist that they consult the head of their projects about their concept before it gets accepted for programming.

Clarify its use, its necessity and its aesthetic principles

Whether you would opt to hire a web designer or not, you should be knowledgeable of the three principles that are needed to be applied on the animation medium. The first principle is its usefulness. Will adding animation serve to be of good purpose to the website? The second principle is necessity. Is this necessary? Do you really need to add this aspect of design? The third principle to consider is the aesthetics – the design and the presentation.

Lots of companies check such principles and make sure they have applied it in all of their projects. This is one of the ways they assure the comprehensive and competitive quality of their manifold projects.