Dos and Don’ts When You Hire a Web Developer

21 January 2015 | Web Development

There’s no doubt that the Internet has become a key element in many things, from finding information, planning events, all the way to business and marketing. So it comes as no surprise that the number of people learning IT-related skills has risen – and may well still be rising.

web developer for hire

Among these skills is website development Bahrain, which can be as simple as creating a text-based page, or as complicated as putting together several pages of web-based applications. It usually includes tasks such as web design and content development, all to ensure that a website is appealing enough to get visitors to stay – which is important when said website is for an online business.

Hiring someone to help you develop your company’s site – which will eventually become the hub of your online marketing campaign – can be tricky. It’s more than meeting someone face to face and asking about their qualifications. So here are a few tips to keep in mind for when you next hire a web developer.

1. Do know what you need. Saying how you want the site to look may sound like the way to go about it, but it’s actually more effective to talk about what you want the site to do for you. Whether it’s to remove worthless leads – prospects that won’t bring you any business – or to bring in more business, those goals are up to you.

So mention these key elements – the functions, essentially, of you intended website – and then listen to the developer’s suggestions.

2. Don’t pretend you know when you don’t. No one likes a backseat driver, especially if it’s clear that they have no idea what they’re saying. The same goes for telling the developer how to do their job. Once you’ve signed the contract with them, you can check with them for updates, and, of course, give suggestions. But those are different from orders, and you don’t want to be caught giving the latter.

3. Do have a rough idea of your budget. When you buy a car, you can look at the ones that are outside of your price range, but you’ll spend more time considering those that you can actually afford, and you don’t expect the features to match those that cost half a million dollars or more.

The same goes for websites. The websites you like particularly may be the ones that are in the more costly price range. So figure out what you can afford, and work from there. You’ll be frustrating yourself and the developer if you don’t talk about the budget, or give them a vague idea, and then later reject their work because you can’t pay for it.

4. Don’t work with someone you’re uncomfortable with. You’ll be leaving the developer to their own devices most of the time. Still, when you do talk with them, they shouldn’t be rude, talk down to you, or act in any manner that makes you feel like you’re being put down.

So don’t let price be the only deciding factor; make sure you get a web developer for hire that you can really work comfortably with.