A No-Nonsense Guide to Finding the Best Web Developers

07 May 2015 | Web Development

Web developers, just like any other profession, are a dime a dozen today. These individuals are experts at determining (and designing) the website’s layout, graphics, font, text location, color, navigation and other website-related technical stuff. If you’re looking for a seasoned, yet reasonably-priced web developer, here’s a no-nonsense guide to finding the best one for your project.

Determine the Web Designer’s Fees and Charges

professional web designer

According to web development industry experts, web developers are paid an average of $60 to $125 an hour, depending on their experience and location. A good quality website which has a sensible graphic design and layout may run from $2,500 to $5,000, but this is for simple business websites. Any add-ons such as blogs, auto-responders, shopping carts, email address setup, SEO and more will add up to the total price.

So if you’re planning to hire a web designer, ask them how much their fees are, and how much the estimated costs for the website that you want. Just tell them about the main features and content of your website, so that they’ll be able to give you an honest and quite accurate estimate.

Ask For References, and Talk To Their Former Customers

When meeting with a prospective web developer for hire, ask them to provide you with reference of previous clients. Once you’re provided with a list of references, talk to them and ask them how smooth the web development process was with the web designer. Also ask them if they easily understood the client’s needs and goals, and if they were able to meet the deadlines in a timely manner.

Will They Stick To Your Budget, Or Keep Suggesting New Stuff?

When the discussion shifts to stuff like budgets, and time frames, the tone of the discussion could get a bit rough, or outright nasty. Make sure you pay close attention to whether they will try to stick to the budget that you gave them, or whether they’ll keep suggesting new add-ons that may increase the cost of your project.

But if they tell you that they could do more to ensure that you have a good website (and your site will rank high on the search engines), ask them upfront what they know about stuff like SEO (search engine optimization), Internet marketing and other more tedious web-related stuff.

And when it comes to how they do their work, ask the web designer if they have a systematic or structured planning process, or if they ever document all the decisions, upgrades or even discussions. If they do have something like a website planning guide, then you’ll know that the web designer is a certified expert.

And before making the final decision, don’t forget to see for yourself the websites that they’ve designed and completed. This will give you a better picture of their aesthetic and technical abilities, and will give you an eye-opener on whether they only did the programming, or if they did everything by themselves (graphic design, layout, etc.). So if you’re planning to hire web developer, we hope this no-nonsense (but seriously fair and sensible) guide would be of great help to you.