5 Reasons Why Speed is an Important Quality for Your Website

11 January 2015 | Web Development

Lightning – speed, rapid – response, quick tricks, fast outputs. You could hear every single one of these lines being associated with everything that is present in the world today, especially with technology. Somehow, the words simple and easy are very much relatable to quick and fast and that’s what people are expecting these days. That is why when you are creating a website, you should never ever compromise speed because everybody hates delays.

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Delays contribute to losses

Even if your efforts are all focused on the promotions through social media marketing Dubai, you should always opt for the ones that will not take a long time to load up. People value their time way too much and to tell you honestly, they’d think it’s a colossal waste of their time when your website takes too long to load up.

With social medias, you are gifted the free ability to back-link everything to your site. Once a prospect client clicks that and finds a blank page following it, they’re going to redirect themselves to another page without hesitation.

Speed increases productivity

It’s all a matter of interaction. A website’s main purpose is to pursue possible clients and how will they be able to do that if they cannot respond accordingly? See, websites entertain and with the contents it has, it is able to relate and interact with the visitor. As they browse through the web pages, they digest the information they find and that how website – visitor interaction is created.

Should the website consistently load up with every scroll and every click the visitor makes, the website then fails to establish a good connection with the visitor. As a result, it would fail to communicate its content and not amount of productiveness is achieved. Even if you hired the most recognized SEO services Dubai Company out there, if your site cannot deliver the content, productiveness is hard to grasp.

Delays lead to high expectations

As far as high quality websites are concerned, high resolution outputs tend to load up slower than an average website. See, it’s a common strategy for some ecommerce website Dubai firms to come up with a heavy – coded site because of the HD materials applied for its completion. You can actually do the same thing for your site but you have to make sure that the content is well worth it.

Think about it this way, you would hate it if someone makes you wait long and then the turnout appears disappointing, right? The same logic applies when your site takes a while to load up but in the end doesn’t deliver any exemplary features. What happens after that, well you can already deduce even if you’re not a great detective like Sherlock – your prospect customer leaves. That’s the end point you’re going to have to come into terms with.