4 Things to Remember When You’re Hiring a Person from Web Development Iran

04 March 2015 | Web Development

Online marketing is the norm nowadays, and that’s no surprise, given how the Internet seems to have crept into every other aspect of life. Social media platforms are now used to spread news, and most communication is done through email and Skype.

It’s no less surprising that Web Development Iran is a sought-after skill these days, what with many companies expanding online. No matter how complicated or how simple the project, though, it can be tricky to hire a web designer. Let’s say you have a few prospective choices lined up; it isn’t going to be a typical job interview.

Still, here are a few dos and don’ts to make hiring the right person for you firm are website development Iran a bit easier.

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1. Do: know your budget. Web Development Iran isn’t completely like building houses or manufacturing cars, or any other commodity for that matter. After all, anyone can take the needed courses, but creativity is a key trait that all web designers and developers need in their line of work.

Therefore, time spent and the complexity (or simplicity) of the design will have a hand in the final cost. It may help for you to give developers three budgets, once you’ve worked out how much you can afford to spend on getting the website up and running. That way, they can also give you an honest idea as to the range of services they can give you for a certain amount.

2. Don’t: leave the price up to them. For the same reason as the above tip, don’t just state your goals for the site and leave everything else to the developer or designer. Finding out the budget is, in fact, your job, not theirs!

No developer will want to work for a person who might reject their work or else refuse to pay because it’s more than they can afford. Even the mock-ups can cost you, so make sure you’ve decided on the price before you sign on the dotted line.

3. Do: know what you want. It’s good to have an idea of how you want the website to look, but that’s not the first that should come out of your mouth. Asking how much they’ll charge is also not the first thing to mention. In fact, it should be your goals that you mention first – what you want your site to do for your business, in other words.

4. Don’t: compare the result to other websites. Not all those companies hired the same developer, nor can you expect the person you hire to be able to replicate those sites down to the last detail. Besides, doing so isn’t usually allowed, unless you’re working with a free template.

Don’t tell the developer what to do, either. You can give suggestions, and feedback is always welcome. But pointing out a sign they might’ve missed is different from trying to drive from the backseat. Both you and the developer want to feel comfortable working together, and that can’t happen if you’re giving orders rather than suggestions.

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