Working With a Web Design Company and Beyond: 3 Ways to Effective Logo Design

19 March 2015 | Web Design

There’s no denying that graphic design is an important part of online marketing, given that it combines layouts, typography, and visual arts to try and spread the message about a service, product, or company. Since it overlaps with visual communication and communication design, it can be used in a variety of ways, including print media, packaging, and in web design Abu Dhabi.

That said, a graphic designer is a key member of any team, whether working for themselves or for a web design company Abu Dhabi, since they help make sure, ultimately, that all the elements form a cohesive whole. In layman’s terms, a graphic designer ensures that people looking at the website, say, won’t be wondering why a particular font was used in the header, or why the logo looks that way.

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Without good graphic design, a logo won’t have any meaning, and the website will look like a randomly chosen background with text and pictures on it; neither one will send the message the company aims to send to viewers.

Speaking of which, logo design Abu Dhabi is definitely part of the process, but not the final goal. All the same, success may well hinge on this particular element. So once you know all you can about the company and have a strategy in mind, how can you ensure that the logo design will be successful? Here are some things to remember.

1.Make it memorable. You see a curved check mark, and you think of Nike; a golden yellow ‘M’ instantly brings to mind McDonalds. These logos and others that are similarly recognizable all follow this principle. In order to be effective, the logo has to be one that people can pinpoint fairly easily, one that they’re able to remember.

They don’t always have to represent precisely what the company does. The Apple logo is literally an apple, with a bite taken out of one side.

2. Make it simple. One or two solid colors, and up to three elements are usually all that’s needed for an effective logo. There may be exceptions (Windows, for instance, uses four colors), but all the same, few simple emblems use all the colors in the rainbow. Nor are the designs overly complicated, so just because you can include something like an ankh, that doesn’t mean you should.

This simplicity will also help ensure that the logo works well across a range of mediums, whether on a billboard or on a company shirt. Regardless of background color and size of the material it’s printed on, the logo should render well enough to be recognizable.

3. Make it last. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) hasn’t changed its logo in years, because people still recognize that cuddly panda. Lacoste’s logo is still a little croc, and Puma’s is still, well, a leaping puma, for the same reason.

These logos have lasted as long as they have because the designers made sure that they would endure. Ideally, a logo should still be effective even after 20 or so years, and even longer than that.