Website Development Bahrain: How to Accentuate Your Mobile Design’s Typography

20 December 2014 | Web Design

Having to notice that people have their Smartphone glued at the palm of their hands, it would be highly plausible to assume that mobiles are now extensions of human lives. It’s a no – brainer. Mobile is huge these days and it’s what’s highly demanded for on website development Bahrain companies but there is a dilemma present that relationship. Mobile may be big but typography is shown small. It’s all because the creation of an outstanding type on smaller screens is very challenging for web developers.

website development Bahrain

The first step to alleviating such issue is by making the most out of a mobile site’s capacity to respond, the appearance of its design and the presentation of the typography. Understanding type is the basic step for this to be achieved and contemplating about how people read is the second thing. Putting these two things together will present you the success in creating a highly endowed mobile type.

Understanding mobile and responsive typography basics

As far as web development for mobile platforms is concerned, mobile and responsive typography are not entirely measured through the traditional point system like print and desktop are. Instead of opting for a typeface and using it with 14 points and 15 points of leading, they design texts through pixels (ems or rems). Flexible units like these are percentage based and they can assist the designers from web design company Bahrain more easily in order to create type for multiple devices.

Knowing how people read

Any style of typography boils down to the adherence of one definite and specific quality – readability. It’s a simple IT Company logic. If people are not able to read your content then it is good as trash. This is true in all aspects of designing platforms whether it is for print, desktop and most especially, mobiles.

See, mobiles tend to have smaller screens that most website – accessing gadgets these days and it is highly essential to refine the type of a mobile site by adjusting the entirety of the site and make it friendly to the comprehensive eyes.

Applying the width of it all

Of the many website design Bahrain factors one has to consider for the development of a mobile website, the width of the screen should be taken into high priority. On that case there are two orientations that every developer would have to think about – the horizontal and the vertical widths.

A text that is too large tends to create numerous breaks in the type that will cause infinite scrolling on the side of the viewer. This is virtually annoying to the one perusing the site because reading a paragraph would appear endless and they could lose their hold on the thought of the paragraph because of so much action. Having a text that is way too small, on the other hand, will lead your readers to miss important information. Alignment is one thing you shan’t dare to overlook as well.