Website Designing Services Dubai Tips: 4 Tweaks for an Attractive Footer

07 December 2014 | Web Design

Do you wish to create a long lasting impression on your website? Or would you like to embed a great ending for your visitors after they go through all the features you have on your site? Yes would be the perfect answer to those questions. With that, website designing services Dubai is keen on providing you these tips that will enhance your user’s experience by tweaking up your website’s footer.

Dubai website design

In the same way that every author uses all of their brain cells to contemplate for an impactful ending on their novels, you too should give your website’s footer more credit than you’re giving it now. Footer basically holds the conclusion part of your website and don’t you want to end it with an impressive bang?

As you go through the aesthetic aspects known to every web design company in Dubai, you will come to understand that you should put as much focus on the form and function of your footer as you do your header. Keep this in mind – header is to introduce as to footer is to conclude. Here are some ideal tweaks to make your footer a worthy conclusion.

1. Down becomes up as up is now down

For a lot of professionals who are handling Dubai website design, when they feel like going avant-garde on their project, the usually fuse certain aspects of a website, turning two separate things and making them one. For this, why don’t you try fusing your header and your footer but placing it on the footer’s position? This way you will be able to maximize your content and at the same time, profusely present the navigation part of your website.

2. Bop to the top

Visitors usually scan the entirety of a website before they proceed on concentrating on a specific content. For this case, instead of having them continuously scroll up to a heinous level; add a link/option on your footer that automatically directs them to the topmost portion of your page. It will be very convenient for both your parts.

3. The worthy contents

Various SEO services Dubai companies are also pursuing effective design properties that could maximize a website’s potential to attract more users. Part of the things they are fixed on following is having an organized archive feature on the footer. This is all in adherence to basic navigational rules and it would greatly assist viewers if they have access to an organized archive of the website.

4. Social Media up-link

Contemplating on the contents that every Footer should possess, the site’s social media account extensions should not be overlooked. Think of this as a way for your visitors to keep in touch with you apart from the website itself. SEO Dubai use social media to profusely establish rapport with their customers and having such extensions that they can easily access will be highly beneficial for your company. It’s basically giving them the option and opportunity to stay connected.