Website Design Saudi: How to Understand Animation Better

28 January 2015 | Web Design

Website design Saudi has embraced the latest trend in websites and it definitely involves the scrupulous yet highly satisfying process of animation. For user interface designers and interaction developers alike, they now rely on how animation can make their outputs better and greater than what they’ve envisioned. It’s all about maximizing user experiences now and if that is delivered, one can expect to be hailed for creating such a genius webpage.

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You may know about your endpoint but where do you really begin? Do you take on CSS or Java Scripting? Which tools are you willing to make use of? How will you be able to come up with interactive prototypes for developers? Well, sit back and relax as we answer each of those queries with the following:

In the beginning…

As professionals from web design company Saudi would enunciate, the best place to learn about the basics of web animation is at This certain site allows its users to tinker with CSS, JavaScript and HTML, share them and make copies of them. Professionals would often say how it is such a great place for inspiration and poking around. Also, when it comes to the integration of animation amongst web pages, learning about CSS and JavaScript is everything.

Familiarize the tools

Digital drawing can be too much to handle for a minor graphic tool for website so it’s imperative that you find one that will not break in the midst of your avid creation process. Two of the most reliable and most well known tools out there for digital generation are Manga Studio and Bamboo Stylus. It’s obvious that there are more combinations out there that are available but when you really want to be sure of the quality, opt for these two.

Embrace the process of storytelling

Coming up with comprehensive designs for a website is close to the act of storytelling. See, website designing is really close to how true to life storytelling goes. Observe them being applied on movies, books and novels. There are those professionals over at website development Kuwait who take each aspect of storytelling and incorporate them into a well thought – out medium for a webpage.

Make use of interactive sampling

Clients are definitely down if you are able to give them a glimpse of what you’re cooking for them. There are those firms who would present a run through of their website using After Effects and sometimes even Flash. It’s all about matching your creativity and matching them with the right tools to create a compelling output. In this case, make an animation presentation that gives them a quick glimpse of your final output.

Master web animation API

Even if truthfully mesmerizing animation would require a distinctive amount of JavaScript, Web animation API will open up the browser’s rendering engine for browsers and extension developers to build better in-browser tools for manipulating animations, and give animation library developers access to hardware acceleration currently only available to CSS animation.

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