Website Design Kuwait: How to Add Watermark on Your Images

23 December 2014 | Web Design Web Development

Welcome to the world were copy – paste strategy is done by people all over the world. The irony of it is it is a discouraged practice but people still do it any ways. The same way that some individuals download an image you created and claimed ownership for it. Now, that’s a very unfortunate predicament isn’t it?

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Creativity should be taken seriously because not everyone is capable of expressing it. For those who can and when inspiration strikes, a worthy product is bound to arise. However, because of the free accessibility that the World Wide Web bears, there is the danger of it being used without your consent. Watermarking your outputs is one effective way of avoiding those masterpiece stealers. As you hire a web designer, let them know these three ways to accentuate your ownership to these materials.

The Copyright Symbol – ©

To add the tone of seriousness, add this symbol onto the image. It is subtle and it doesn’t ruin the chance for your work to be creatively appreciated. Use it alongside your full name or any name you wish to be remembered by. You can either put it at the top or bottom part of your image by the corners. This way, it wouldn’t hinder the viewer from fully appreciating your craft.

For an instance, a concept artist working closely with a pro from website design Kuwait is asking to put one of his works on the site and he wishes to attribute the artist directly. Putting the symbol with the name of the artist is an effective means to elaborate the identity of the creator as he associates himself to his work.

The Creative Logo

Name isn’t really everything when it comes to artists – at least not for most of the time. Usually, artists take pride on workmanship through artistic styling. The thing about the relationship between artists and their artworks are the fact that their works exhibit how they view the world. As they wish to find out how other people view their works, they just place a subtle insignia and let it serve as their trademark. Outputs of website development Bahrain have this tendency to place subtle logos on their artwork to remind them that it came from their creative consciousness. Suffice it to say, subtlety is more than enough to exude an identity.

The Ultimate Combination

When there’s one, who says you can’t make use of the other? As each artist identify themselves by their output, there comes a time when they would feel like something is missing – even if it means simply adding a creative watermark. Combining texts and images is another form of art apart from the very image itself. Watermarks are another form of art too. Don’t hold back. Go all out so long and make sure it serves your purpose. However, don’t make it too overwhelming that it steals the main scene of your creativity.