5 Easy Yet Highly Effective Tricks Used in Website Design Egypt

22 February 2015 | Web Design

When it comes to online marketing and expanding onto the Web, effective websites are the best place to get started. Your company’s website will be expected to convince people to check out your services or products, while providing needed information. At the same time, it’s supposed to maintain customers, encouraging them to keep coming back again and again.

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Thus, website design Egypt is, overall, the most important part in a process of getting a website up and running. When it comes to such sites, it can be tempting to add elements that are sure to make you stand out. However, these elements can, in fact, be your downfall.

So if it’s your first time putting a website together, here are some tips from a web design Egypt on how you can make sure it appears refreshing, appealing, and professional – and therefore, effective.

1. Don’t overstimulate. People today are bombarded with videos on autoplay, images, and other forms of visual clutter. This barrage on one’s sight can be a big turn-off for some – after all, do you want to have to close 3 pop-up ads, 1 scrolling banner, and a video player to view the page?

Keep your written page content short and to the point, and use images or videos only when necessary. The same goes for animated graphics – limit these to the header, but make sure they don’t distract from the header, which is where you want your client to go.

2. Stick to a palette. “Up and coming” should never mean a pain on the eyes. Obviously you don’t want to use overly bright or neon colors, but you don’t want to go monochromatic either. Choose a color palette that complements your logo, or else go with a neutral one. Direct clients’ eyes to important parts like headlines and such using small splashes of color placed strategically.

3. Keep fonts simple and clean. Remember that people may be viewing your site on a mobile device, meaning a smaller screen. This means that large typefaces won’t render as well, so the look and feel you want is lost.

Use a font that can be easily read, and pick a reasonable size – 11 or 12 is usually acceptable, being neither too big nor too small and unreadable.

4. Make contact easy. If you want clients to call you, or send you something, make sure that they can easily do so without losing their place. Making contact information a part of the header, for example, means it doesn’t disappear every time a user visits a different page on your site.

Use clear headings, too, so you’re client knows what they’re clicking on, or use buttons to entice them to make contact. The more effective button designs are those that change color or font when the cursor hovers over them.

5. Test it. Those offering website development Egypt know that even small changes – a different placement for call to action, or a different color – need to be tested. This is because optimizing your website can really have a big impact on the overall result.

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