Website Design Dubai Introduces the Basics of Color

14 January 2015 | Web Design

Communication is the very core of human existence. Would you agree to such notion? Whichever it may be for you, for the many people of the world they choose to agree. There are lots of ways to establish communication and when you’re into creating websites, you have to understand one crucial thing. Websites are created to express communications through visuals.

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With websites aiming to please visuals, colors have a very unique and essential part in that communication process. With that, get better understanding on things that make up the presence of colors as advised by website design Dubai professionals.

Knowing the very definition and significant of COLOR

A world without the presence of colors would be a monotonous one and not just in the literal sense but also the spiritual sense. You may not offer your awareness towards it so much but colors bear great impacts into each and everyone’s lives. It can influence bodily responses like hunger and offer a sense of filtration to the human eye. That’s how immense the colors’ presence is in this world we are living in.

Interpreting colors through web development and design:

1. Hues – These kinds of colors are known as the pure ones and there are about 12 of them. It is made up of the three primary colors, three secondary colors and six other colors. Having these 12 colors into your choices, they create a form of basis that represents the ones found in a spectrum. With that, every website development in Dubai has the choice to either use them as a stand-alone design or create one through combinations.

2. Tints – It’s funny how people perceive such an element to be a complicated one when tints only represent those colors that get an immense white added into their dual mix. The result is something you can predict without having to do it for yourself because the turnout is a lightened version of the original color.

Just like pastels, web development Dubai utilizes tints to bring about a sense of calmness into their design. The illusion of calmness is created because of how the colors become very easy to the eyes.

3. Shades – If there’s a lighter representation, you can freely guess that there is also a darker representation. If tints experience the combination of immense white to achieve the output of calmness, shades add the definitive presence of black to emphasize the richness of a color. Shades refer to the degradation of light found in the colors and bring about the atmosphere of domination and saturation. As a result, such outputs can be difficult for the eyes to focus on, especially for long period of time.

4. Tone – We’ve tackled the presence of one with the absence of the other. Now, when it comes to tone, it’s referring to the presence of both elements. A tone exists when the primary colors gets mixed with white and black on equal portions. With the addition of both opposing colors mixing together, the output of grayness comes to existence. Such a colorific element exists for the purpose of emphasis akin to what a shadow does to its object.