Web Developer For Hire: How Web Design Changes Your Content

14 July 2015 | Web Design

In a world full of useless websites and content – blame SEO organisations utilising black hat SEO – it is incredibly important that your brand does not get caught up in making the beginner mistake of hiring an SEO company that ranks questionably. Fact is, there are no SEO experts, there are only SEO people. These people are not innovators or revolutionaries on their fields – they don’t create the concept, they only devise ways to make Google perceive them as they want to be perceived. Google calls the shots; that’s why every SEO person gets incredibly nervous in every algorithm update from the world’s greatest search engine.

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With the net teeming with useless and generic contents and updates, the ones who publish interesting, niche-centric articles are the ones which are linked more, both by leechers and authority sites. Link juicing is one of the most popular strategies in ranking, in which a website hyperlinks to another website (whether higher in rank or not) in order to make the article more credible in the eyes of Google. What’s interesting about this practice is that when an authority site, say Time, links to a relatively unknown blog which publishes great content, the authority of Time isn’t compromised, yet the authority of the unknown site is increased tenfold. That’s how great content changes how a website ranks. But on the other side of the spectrum is content presentation: no matter how effective and comprehensive an article is, when it is not published properly it becomes less than appetizing. A web developer for hire opines that in order to do this feat (which is present a content effectively and efficiently) web design and under the hood web coding for the website should be incredibly dynamic and content-centric.

A good lay-out makes the content more readable.

Typography, font size, and font color work together to make content readable. A content is only as good when it delivers its message across. Gone are the days when newspaper style content presentation is the key; the Internet is one fast evolving industry, and it is incredibly aggressive. Today, the best content on the web are ad-free, with clear, readable typography, and a font size of 14 and higher. Black is the de facto content color still, and it will be for a couple of years. While it is good to experiment with certain calligraphic typographies to customise content, the current trend in making words shine is utilising simple, readable, eye-friendly fonts. The likes of Helvetica and Helvetica Neue are good starting base to the effort. Ask your graphic designers and web design team, as well as your search engine marketing team in Dubai to scout and license you a good font to be used for your site.