Web Designing Company Saudi: 5 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Commit

15 December 2014 | Web Design

There’s a popular saying that describes how perfection cannot be obtained. Lots of debates and arguments have risen because of such a description and it is indeed true on some matters but when it comes to web designing, creating a perfect website is indeed possible. You just have to be cautious in not committing mistakes that would jeopardize your overall output.

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1. Bad Typography

Here are some mistakes that you should really be careful in not committing so that you can achieve the desired perfection you wish to obtain for your website akin to a web design company Saudi.

Text means everything as they hold the content in your website. Typography is the art that presents information that you wish to present in your website. As this is the case, you ought to think through the typography you apply on your website. Think about the font, the typeface and the size. You should not pick those that consist of too many typefaces, illegible typography and using type that do not match the mood and tone of the content.

2. Forgoing Proofreading

Ever seen a website that misspells the texts on their navigation bar? No? Duh! Such a mistake would be very impactful on the site’s professional impression. Think about the fact that your site is aiming to please and impress its viewers, not have them criticize you for your misspellings. Not only will the site lose its viewers, you will also be losing your clients.

The trick that most web designers do to avoid forgoing misspelled words is that once they accomplish a project, they take a break. Overworking your mind tend to loosen your meticulous capabilities. Thus, it is important that you take a breather first. Clear your mind before you begin checking your work for errors.

3. Applying way too many effects/tricks

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companies, they are very keen on applying just the right amount of effects and tricks in their websites. Having too much of those two will actually give your viewers the impression that the whole site is spam or a total joke. You’re aiming to present a professional piece here, so adding way too many unnecessary designs will mess up the worth of your website.

To avoid having to apply the overload of tricks, be sure to stick with the classic kind of designs. Don’t find inspiration on the art explosion way too much.

4. Using many colors

In the same way that uncoordinated dance presentations give headache to judges, uncoordinated color combinations on your website will bring headaches and eyesores to your viewers. Having to use a lot of colors for one design will bring out the disaster you do not wish to imply on your website.

Having a cluttered, overwhelmingly busy and whimsically informal website will not give you’re the professional impression you wish to achieve. So to avoid it, stick to using a maximum of 3 or 4 complementary colors on your website.