How To Manage Client’s Expectations For Website Redesigning

22 October 2014 | Web Design Web Development

Websites are a load of intricate work ranging from script and backend coding, app integration and many other elements. Once the website owner doesn’t know of the complexity of the website redesign job, then any web designing company in Dubai will run into problems down the road.

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It is essential that goals should be clearly set so that a baseline that can be referred to anytime by both the client and the web design company. Below are hints on how to manage the expectations of clients for website redesign:

Set A Timeline That Is Realistic

You may know about websites that are done in 5 days. That would be easy if you have a ready content to load and there are about 3-5 pages for the site. However, since businesses are different from one another, it would require more time to spend for redesigning pages. If you have 25-30 pages or more, then expect that the web designing company in Dubai will take more time to complete the job.

Provide an overview on what will happen to the site. As the design company evaluates the scope of work to be done, most often, there will be an initial interview with the client. This is the time that the work will be mapped out to provide an estimate for the number of pages that require content. There are also plugins, forms and applications that have to be considered for the redesign scope of work. Give the client a big picture of what the job will take to enable the setting of a timeline that both design company and client will be happy about.

Breakdown The Process

As clients may not have enough knowledge about what you are doing for their website, it is an ethical move to walk the client through the process of website redesign. Being ethical means considering the side of the client and not abusing their weakness because they have a little know-how of the subject.

Set A Testing Period

Inform the client that you will be conducting a testing period before the site goes live. There may be bugs that need to be corrected. Give the client word that this process should not be rushed. Testing is a pre-requisite of websites that have been redesigned to guarantee that all of their components are properly working.

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