Web Designing Abu Dhabi: Check Out These Three New Releases for Web Designing Aficionados

10 March 2015 | Web Design

In the vast scope of services that Web Designing Abu Dhabi firms are offering, they take one aspect of technology in heavy accordance… The continuous process towards progress – in the way that the world is now dealing with technology in a regular basis, advancement is what really matters most. Now, whether you are involved with it via design or development, new tools are bound to surface and you will need to watch out for those that can make your job a whole lot easier.

Focusing on tools that are recently introduced solely for web designer Abu Dhabi individuals, here are three of the many that will offer you great assistance in your virtual aesthetic creating endeavors…

Web Designing Abu Dhabi

1. SVGOMG – the prolific SVG file optimizer

Oh My God/Gosh would be the right expression by web designing individuals once they get a hold of this comprehensive software. When dealing with SVG files, they must first be optimized before they can be put onto a website.

This is what SVGOMG does but it also has an extra feature of removing unnecessary files from the very image file like comments, hidden elements and Meta data. It is basically having a two in one image file software processor.

2. IE8 Linter


You can lay down your misconceptions about this being associated with the most undermined browser there is. This specific software carries its name as its own and with no relation to Internet Explorer. IE8 Linter is a web designing software created by Danny Povolotski. It was dutifully developed to check the entirety of the site for glitches and partitions that could be the most probable cause for the existence of errant compatibility issues.

Be that as it may, its useful effect does not stop there. This impressively crafted tool has the full on capability to offer suggestions for solutions to eliminate errors in your output. Basically, this IE8 Linter is another two – in – one tool that web designers can use to save time and maximize their outputs. Without having to analyze the glitches themselves, they can definitely focus on the very aesthetics of the website they are designing.

3. Shade

No matter what happens, art will always have its way of placing itself in the many diversified mediums introduced to the world today. With that as the main case, people will never really grow tired of the presence of gradient-related artworks. Much avidly used as backgrounds for website elements, gradients are popular and when you wish to create a good combination, Shade will help you through it.

Professionals from web design company Bahrain utilized this tool for their clients who wish to go for the psychedelic approach. The software offers sliders and a live preview to every change the user makes. This makes it easier for them to alter the combination of the colors in the most sophisticated way possible. Now, should there be an issue in the code application, an automatic code gets generated just below the settings.