Web Design – How to Present Content the Best Way Possible

03 May 2015 | Web Design

One of the most grueling parts of web development is designing. From conceptualizing to birthing new strategies then implementing them, web designing is not for the weak of heart and mind or for the creatively challenged. Website designing company, for example, takes web designing as the most important part of conveying a website’s message to their customer.

Each year, web designs unfold new techniques in presenting data and content – from high-end brands like Apple and Chanel to tech startups like Mail Chimp and Dropbox. Template creation and the hard-coding that goes with a simplistic web template, when we think about it, can be considered a work of art.

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Web design is many faceted: it considers all aspects, from coding, to building the framework, to simplifying or bolstering elements, down to how the website’s content is presented. There are three layers to web designing – the hood or inner part, which has the coding stuff, the framework or the middle part where the elements are built, and the shell or the outer part, which is what users actually see.

The most important parts of these three? Arguably no one, but the shell is considerably a front runner. Don’t get us wrong, all elements are as important, but when it comes to the finished product, users see the shell as the culmination of the three.

That is why web designers from all over the world take the shell seriously. A web designer Egypt opines that even when a website is excellently coded, when it does not appeal to the taste of its targeted user, it loses its chance to gain a subscriber greatly.

The Shell and Content Presentation

A website’s main purpose is to let people know that that company exists – in the virtual world, or traditional one. Or both, for that matter.

Part of this campaign is letting people know that the establishment is alive and kicking with the help of data presentation.

• What do people want to know about the company?

• What are its products or services?

• How does the company came to be?

That sort of stuff, people want to know history, heritage and vision. It’s their first glimpse of what the company is. For some of them, this is how they’re going to see the company for the rest of their lives.

That’s why differentiation is fast becoming the norm both in real life and virtual world. People are accepting their own kind of weird, eccentricities and shortcomings. It’s how celebrities on this millennium define themselves. Individuality has fast becoming a norm. And companies are taking notice, making their brand differentiated.

Photo and Text Overlays

Minimalism is the standard web design for presenting homepage today. Content is presented in photo and content overlays. The more succinct the content is, the more it delivers the message.

A web designer Egypt commented that iterations of this design sort, coupled with parallax effect and continued scrolling, will be the big thing in web designing in a couple of years. This way, content is rich, presentation is smooth and transition is free-flowing.