Web Design and Online Advertising – Tips for the Eventual Campaign

03 March 2015 | Online Marketing Web Design

The Internet has no doubt made it easier for people to start their own businesses and launch advertising campaigns online. You can reach a wider audience – a global one, no less, if you wish – and can therefore expand a lot quicker compared to starting a business the traditional way.

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That doesn’t mean, though, that you can be an instant success when you start an online business, or instantly generate a lot of leads when you get your company’s website up and running. There’s still the matter of optimizing your website so it’s easier for people to find you. You can take care of it yourself, or else look for SEO for hire to handle it.

At the same time, you still have to launch an advertising campaign of sorts, especially if you’re a fairly new business, and particularly if you want to generate more leads. So here are some tips to make the road less rocky.

1. Do know your target. Not knowing who you’re marketing your firm to might result in some confusing messages being put out. Even something as simple as the age bracket – or brackets – you’re targeting will help you streamline your ads.

2. Don’t be a follower. When you launch an ad campaign, you’re trying to carve out a niche for your company. So ads that look like those of another brand – especially a well-known one – might make people mistake you for a copycat. Even if you like how their ads look, or their tagline sounds, you need to use their ideas as a springboard, not a template.

3. Do streamline your website. If you didn’t hire a web design company Qatar, you’ll want to have your in-house I.T. Team check to make sure navigation is simple. The layout should also be not overly complicated – an over-abundance of swirls, for example. If you’ve been in business for a while and recently adopted a new logo, make sure your site reflects that.

If you’re planning to launch your site the same time you launch your ad campaign, that’s fine, too. Again, whether you work with an in-house team or hire a web design company Qatar to handle the task for you, make sure you still check the above-mentioned aspects.

4. Don’t neglect social media. It’s everywhere these days, and can be a powerhouse when it comes to generating leads. So don’t discount the possibility of reaching people through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. A few well-timed tweets, positive conversation through Facebook, and you may have a few more conversions on your hands.

5. Do figure out your budget. Figure out how much you can afford to spend, and see where you can go from there. Use your materials in creative ways, so you can re-use them again without being repetitive. But this goes hand in hand with the next tip.

6. Don’t use cookie-cutter ads. Consistency is all well and good, but not if it means using the same layout on your Facebook post for your Tumblr one. Once you have your brand’s identity, it’s up to you and the other people on your team to think up ways to make each ad distinctive, but still recognizable as yours.