The Low Down of Proofreading Content Articles

17 June 2015 | Web Design

There was a time when editors only work for widespread publications – magazines, books, newspapers and weekly circulars. It was and still is an esteemed profession, and a select academical few can only join the ranks of that few thousand elites every year. Becoming one requires eye for detail, extraordinary patience and an astounding grammar skills.


With the advent of technology, a paradigm shift happened, and editing became a profession available for almost everyone – or at least everyone who have decent skills – and it will continue doing so for the next decade. The Internet proved to be a vast market, and Internet marketing strategies proved to be one of the things that editing can be done professionally online – actually touted as the “now” market – and through it, publications have branched out to the Net in order to keep up with the times.


Internet marketing strategies

This paved the way to opening untapped markets, and discovering new markets altogether. Internet writing and editing took its form – and a unique one at that – and it is constantly evolving. According to a logo design company in Dubai It took it’s own artform, and it is safe to say that Internet writing is one of the most diverse forms of creative writing there is.


There is no telling what will be the “it” thing on capturing audience through published Internet literature, and the effective strategy now may become obsolete after six months. If it’s lucky.


The Internet writing arena


One of the things that makes writing for the Internet a tricky sea to sail is that it comes in different forms – academical, casual, persuasive, satirical, news, personal, promotional, and many other forms. That’s why it is almost impossible to become a jack of all trades in the Internet writing arena – there is so much to learn and the standards are constantly changing and evolving.


However, editing is another story altogether. The rules are still in tact, as they have been all the time. Nothing still beats a well-written piece of literature, whatever its tone may be. Editing for the Internet is not a far cry from the traditional form of editing, though the quintessential rules are often bent more, the form more lenient, and the acceptable takes different forms.


The same grammatical mistakes are still the same gaffes most writers commit, the same punctuation errors, the same sentence construction blunders, albeit they tend to be more present and repetitive. Fact is, there are hundreds of thousands of personal blogs in the Internet, and at least 90% of them have poorly-written literature published. Credibility seems to be push-over for most people when it comes to gathering information in the Net, and that may be because of the need for instant, urgent information to be at hand.