The Basics of Web Design, For Aspiring Website Owners

05 May 2015 | Web Design

With the rapid advances in technology, and the entry of new web design trends every month (or even every week), the Worldwide Web can be a quite dizzying place to be in. And while desktops where the main entry points to the Internet just a couple of decades ago, today the increasing number of smart phone and mobile gadget users are quickly changing the way we do research shop for products and services, and communicate with our peers, co-workers and family members. If you’re looking for expert web designers to build your online address, then maybe you should learn a thing or two of the basics of web design, so you’ll be able to find the right one.

Write Your Ideas on Paper First

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If you’re in the early stages of searching for qualified web design company experts, and you ask them what they’d do first on your project, be wary of those who’d say that they’d go straight to Photoshop, or quickly go to their favourite web design software.

The best web designers would usually tell their clients that they’d first write down their ideas on paper, and create a simply layout, as well as enumerate the site’s content and functionality, before diving straight to their favourite software.

Begin Sketching a Top-Level Framework

A sensible and seasoned web developer would also start devising or coming up with what’s called a “top level framework”, to help solve all the web design problems and issues. The framework will be the initial body of the user interface, which surrounds the website’s content, and helps to perform the actions, including the stuff needed to properly navigate through it (like side bars, bottom bars, etc.).

Add the Grids

Before web designer Saudi Arabia begins crafting anything on Photoshop, they start adding the grids, which help them structure the layout of the website’s different sections. These grids also guide the web developer through the website’s screen size requirements, and it also helps them churn out responsive web design templates, which are appropriate for desktops and mobile devices.

Determine the Font Type

A well-rounded web developer will also likely choose website fonts that are easy to read (especially for a long amount of text) and they’ll also be more playful with titles, including the call to action. The web developer will also try using big fonts, as well as be consistent while being playful when using different types of typography.

Divide the Layout

A seasoned web developer will know that each section of the client’s website should tell a story, and be appealing to site visitors. The website’s layout also needs to help the content, by highlighting the most crucial pieces of the story (or content). Each page will not need to many call-outs or call to action terms too, because everything will drive to the final statement, which is “what can I do here?’.

These processes are not all there is to web development, because web design covers a wide array of tasks. To create the perfect website, all it needs is a professional touch, from a competent and reliable website design Saudi Arabia expert, who has the best acquired skills and abilities to build a website that can effectively convert each visitor into a potential buyer or customer.