Tendencies of Web Design in 2014

01 January 2014 | Web Design

Hey, everybody!

New year is here and Conqueror IT is ready to share with you new tendencies & trends in Web Design.


During last 2 years this title became very popular among designers, especially in the sphere of website-cards design. The meaning of this trend is based on the simplicity of the elements and functional interface. Black-white colors, not sharp angles, to show the precise style. The minimum of pictures can be used here, but add more effects. For development of this Bootstrap is appropriate enough.


Adaptive design

You cannot go far without it! Last year, when many web designers and developers only started to learn this technology, and many others didn’t even know what it is, one of the famous front-end developers said: “I believe in the day when the conversations about adaptive web-design finish, not because it will disappear, but because it will become a part of every-day-routine.” This day is already close. Every day web sites with adaptive design appear more and more often, but currently this technology is still a trend.

Fixed menu

Using a fixed position for the navigating menu or sidebar became a good tradition, especially for the web sites with adaptive design, because it is much easier to move around the website now. You will agree, that it even looks nicer! Moreover there is no necessity in the button “go up”.

CSS3 filters

The world has been discussing it thoroughly, so we have a right to call it a trend of the year. Unfortunately, only webkit browsers are adjusted to it, we hope that this year it will become more widely-spread.

CSS3 animation

With the help of transition and transform designers can do cool effects that could be done before only with the use of JS. In the previous year this technology was acknowledged among web designers and developers, therefore it is one of the trends of this year.

Photos as a background of the website

This tendency as the adaptive design is not new, but nowadays you can often see it in many websites folios. This technique will fit autoshops, tourist agencies, model agencies and others. This technique appeals attention of many users, it also gives an opportunity to a web designer to experiment with the mockup of the website.


Non-standard Geometry

We are used to see a standard layout of the website, but non-standard geometry breaks the traditions and impresses with its creativity. Very interesting approach! We think, it is worthy paying attention to.


Design topography

Thanks to big amount of web and icon fonts, interesting effects can be created now, for example 3D text and the button in the shape of letters. By the way, you can see big titles on many websites, maybe it will become a new trend.

To sum it up

To be always modern is very good, of course, but remember that trends come and go, these are only recommendations for your ideas. The most important thing is to follow your own style and presentation, then your design will be always interesting for the public.

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