Technology: The Frontier That Pushed Outsourcing to New Heights

26 June 2015 | Online Marketing Web Design

The world is interconnected more than ever. For the past few years, technology has taken humanity to major leaps and bounds. SEO services from all over the world have greatly seen an increase in productivity because of the continuing effort of Google in making user experience front and centre of every person’s experience in searching the Internet.

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Outsourcing is not a new business model. It has been around the time men started to become civilized. While outsourced jobs on the past lie heavily on freelancing and extremely specialised skill sets, today the Internet era provided a way to make freelancing more attractive. In the past, freelancing was frowned upon, and is rarely viewed as a career that’s viable. Today, thanks to the world being more connected than ever, it’s another story altogether.

The Economic Boom of the Mid-90’s

Outsourcing first came into the public’s eye at the start of the great economic upheaval of mid-90’s. Multi-national firms then outsource dedicated, specialized and focused projects and jobs outside their circle of employees. The practice provided for a boost in employment, while making businesses earn more profits by spending less.

By the time Internet became mainstream, offshore tech jobs have first become the most widely outsourced jobs. Economically-advanced countries pushed a certain load of work to developing nations in order to cut costs without compromising the quality of work. In the years that follow, technology became more permanent, more present, more felt. It provided for the birth of outsourcing as a stand alone business model which anyone could tap into for a start-up business.

The Part Of Technology

Without technology, there won’t be Internet. The Internet is the singlemost important part of the success of outsourcing and becoming mainstream. The problem of logistics, travel costs, etc were the downsides of outsourcing back then.

Say, when a 2D animation company in Dubai wanted a group of animators from Sweden to check the work they’ve done, a person would be sent to Sweden to carry the film, get reviews, and travel back. The Internet solved that communication problem by connecting two or more persons the world over without the added travel costs.