Online Marketing Saudi Arabia Presents the Three Levels of Typographic Hierarchy

02 March 2015 | Web Design Web Development

Of the many things that are present on your website, there’s one aspect that they will never overlook – it’s the TYPE. The type is used to present the contents of your website. As this is the case, it needs to adhere to the characteristics of readability. It should have the basic ability to direct the viewers through a design, from the most important elements to the least.

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For the majority of website design Saudi Arabia, that’s basically how they signify the purpose of typography hierarchy. However, when you really wish to master the art of type you first need to understand how you apply the layers of each type throughout a design to achieve maximum impact.

Defining Typographic Hierarchy

As far as design is concerned, typographic hierarchy is another form of visual hierarchy. It is a sub-hierarchy in the overall design of a project. Typographic hierarchy showcase letterings and it is used so that the most important words are displayed with a much stronger impact. Such a process is applied on web design Saudi Arabia to make it possible for their viewers to scan the presented texts for relevant information. Should typographic hierarchy be missing, each letter, every word and all sentences in a design would look utterly the same.

In retrospect, typographic hierarchy is great in creating contrasts between the different kinds of elements present in a website’s content. The designers of company’s centered website development Saudi Arabia are able to achieve this through the use of typefaces, size, weight, capital and lowercase letters, bold or italics, orientation and color. The combinations of such design tools are then utilized to create the types that would fall into distinctive layers.

Primary Level

On this initial level of typography, it is all about the big types. The primary level of typography are the headlines and the decks – AKA “the furniture.” It is the kind of TYPE that draws the readers in to the design. This is the biggest type in the design. However, it can also vary when you are using typographic art.

Secondary Level

The secondary level of typography, which are also known as the highlighters, are the chunks of highlighted details that assist readers with the design. They include elements like subheads, captions; pull quotes, info-graphics and other small blocks of text that functions to add information to the primary level of text. The design of these text blocks is on the large side, but are usually much smaller compared to the primary.

Tertiary Level

The tertiary level of typography serves as the main texts in your design. It is known to be the smallest type in the three hierarchies of typographic design. However, it’s also the most important. Here is where all the information is found. And so, it needs to be large enough to be completely readable by all potential users. Keep in mind, the tertiary typeface should be simple and consistent in design, spacing and overall usage.