Looking For Some Web Design Trends This 2016? This Designs Will Inspire You!

29 March 2016 | Web Design

Web design involves a lot of conceptualizing and planning. It can’t be done just with a few clicks, it needs some HTML codes, Javascript, layout, colors, images, graphic designs, text styles and many more. All of these things generally creates the complicated structure of a web page.


Because of the growing trends, web designers are also required to adjust based on their total capacity. These current trends of web design should be inhibited along the way.

Video backgrounds

This is seriously making virtual wallets including Paypal and Squarespace more compelling. Image slider is starting to get old so this new innovation is trendy these days. For web designers, you should make sure that the video being used won’t buffer for too long or your visitors will get bored and leave your site without hesitation.

Grid Layout

Grid layouts are first seen on Pinterest and web designers are starting to take it as a very good inspiration for effective and easy to manipulate web design. This idea serves a much better user experience. This idea lets users to view products individually with ease and in a logical way. This is a much organized web idea.

Large Images and Fonts

Since most users these days are becoming more and more visually oriented, large images and fonts are much preferred by them. They would even prefer a simpler and clear looking website especially if online transaction is involved. Banners and any related ads should also be avoided.

Ghost Buttons

This idea is compatible with Apple’s IOS7. Ghost buttons works like its name. It can only be used if the needed action is what the button offers. This design is totally futuristic and offers exceptional user experience.

To Wrap It Up…

In case you are looking to improve your traffic and overall image, the web design trends mentioned above might be of great help. You just need to conceptualize which design to use so as to implement suitable improvements to your site.

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