Logo Design Guide For Business Owners

09 November 2014 | Web Design

Many business owners commit the critical error of hiring professionals to do their logo design with little direction. At the outset, the logo designer should know what you want to create and the goals of the company. It is not enough providing the logo designer with the name of the company and the address or the products that are being promoted by the company.

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Logos should not be centered on aesthetics only. They should not only please the eyes but communicate what the company is all about. There are more important things that should be included in the logo aside from the colour and the way it is formed. It should have a balance between being attractive for the eyes and providing quick information at one glance. This is how a good logo will communicate with people.

So, how do you select a designer? Most people get a professional for logo design in Abu Dhabi due to the prodding and recommendation of the friends or family. Not everyone who dabbles in logos will have the capacity to bring out the best of the company through the logo.

Those who do not want to pay for high rates for these designers would like to settle with those who sell logos for a little amount. Is your company that cheap and hard-hit that you choose to utilize a poor logo design? Surely, that won’t give a good impression to your customers and prospects.

Choose a graphic designer with knowledge of vector logo making. Unless the person knows this one, it is not wise to hire them. They may have other types of technical knowledge when making graphics but you need to have a final product of the logo in (vector).pdf and (vector).eps files. You should also be handed with several resolutions of the logo in .jpg files for 2”, 12” and 24” width.

Make sure that the logo has no color shading and color fading as this cannot be distinguished when they are produced in non-digital printers. Darker colors that fade into a lighter shade or lighter color will not have a distinction and so you must ask a modified logo version from the company that offers logo design Abu Dhabi.

Evaluate the finished logo on how it will look when the address or the website is placed near it. it should still be attractive even with an address block next to it. This is how the logo should appear in letterheads and company business cards and therefore, should look good.