How to Hire a Web Designer/Developer who would Turn Your Site into a Masterpiece

22 December 2014 | Web Design Web Development

Smartphones. Smartphones. Smartphones. Smartphones are everywhere. About 60% of the internet traffic is driven through mobile access and perhaps you (yes, you – reading this article right now), you could be reading this from your phone! People turn to their mobile phones for everything these days. It’s like an extension of their life. This is why for budding and ongoing entrepreneurs; they make sure they hire a web developer who would make their websites sharp and magnetic for both on – the – go and behind desk accessibilities.

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Familiarize minimalism

One biggest difference between desktop browsing and mobile browsing is the simple fact that on mobile, the screens are much more compact. Obviously, you will have to consider taking into heavy consideration the kind of website services you’re going to acquire and how to hire a web designer who would do your online aesthetic bidding.

Go hire a web designer who will come up with a comprehensive plan that will make your site appear sleek even on the limited viewfinders of a handheld screen. Be sure that your website will appear great no matter what the screen size.

Rest it all on a finger – literally

Looking at another distinction between mobile and desktop viewing is it’s on – page interaction. The smartphones available on the market today are superbly dependent on touch screen navigation. This basically means that it performs on an optimized level with finger pad manipulation. Thus, it is required that you pay close attention to the on – page navigation of your mobile website and make it finger friendly. Instead of utilizing minimized buttons, make them appear more magnified and clear.

Improve the scrolling platform

If mobile users would have pet peeves when it comes to accessing a specific site through their mobile, it would be the hassle of having to scroll through the content. Not only does it make them lose where they are currently reading, it also ruins the output of the site in an irksome level. Many would advice that you would take out unnecessary elements in the site to save your viewers from all the unnecessary touch – scrolling.

Get the right images and use them the right way

The thing about mobile sites is the fact that it is able to give first – hand information whenever and wherever. As it is so, companies that hire web designer utilize observe that they use images to make first – hand information available in the most hassle – free manner. They apply it usually on the Contact Us portion of the website wherein they make use of an eye – catching image that would allow the viewer to see it without difficulty. This allows the image to serve its purpose.

Let your presence be known through map integration

Websites are online extensions of your company and when an interested visitor wishes to make first – hand communication with you, they would go directly to your office. Professionals would then program an interactive map that these prospect clients could use in order to get proper directions on your company’s whereabouts.