How to Deal When Your Web Designing Abu Dhabi Client Expects You to be Psychic

29 November 2014 | Web Design

Just do your thing and let’s see how it goes. I trust you know what you’re doing. I’ll like it when I see it. Work your magic. Find these lines familiar? These are a few of the most common web designing Abu Dhabi lines of clients when they’re specifically asked about what the kind of style they wish to apply on their website. Quite irksome, yes, but this is normal occurrence for all service providing dealings.

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Truth be told, almost majority of the clients that come knocking on your door of creativity do not know what they really want for their site. Sure, they have a slight idea about it but they cannot really put it into words, much more splay out specific sketches or descriptions of them. Somehow, they are expecting you to be a psychic in specifically determining what it is that they want for their site.

With that, you say hello to pressure and welcome stressors. Such an exchange is just headache – inducing, isn’t it?


Every freelancer or website design UAE artist experience this on a regular basis and such occurrence can actually be narrowed down to these reasons:

• The client does have a slight inclination to what he wants for his site but he just doesn’t know how to communicate it to you.

• Sometimes, if they find your charge or your pricing to be unreasonable, they will go out of their way in making your life a living hell. They would somehow make you go through different kinds of hassles until they feel like you’re finally worth the money they are paying you for.

• Because you’re mind is already in such a panic mode, you tend to forget about asking the right questions. This is why you’re having a hard time pin pointing the exact desires of your client.

Whichever of these reasons may be applied for your case, it is imperative that you find out what his website does and who the website wants to attract and service. These two things are the basics but it’s also a great thing to know what those other sites that he’s admiring are. In knowing this, you will then be able to ask if he wishes to apply the same impression on his own website. This doesn’t entail that you will be copying the site. This is more on the creative feels rather that the literal use of the elements the site expresses.

As most individual web designer Abu Dhabi would put it, the “feel (s)” refers to the color palettes, the light and heavy elements, fonts, and amount and style of image usage applied on the site itself.

As much as possible, pull a lot of important information from your client. Ask relevant questions. Go with anything that can lead you or give you an indication on whatever it is that they really want.