How Do You Plan For Your Website’s Look

02 July 2015 | Web Design

A website is only as good as how it looks.

The above-mentioned statement is true to an extent – as many web designers out there would argue that the looks of the website can be immaterial if it has great coding and holds a comprehensive amount of information on its niche. On an Internet marketing service point of view however, the statement presented above is an absolute truth. The website is the packaging of the final product or service offered by a website, whether it is for an e-commerce site or a music streaming service. It’s the virtual store, but also ultimately serves as how the company puts the proverbial bow on it’s packaging.


In the most fundamental level, an effective and efficient web design is basically a design that adheres to three major design points:


Unifying the website’s appeal should be the end game of any brainstorming for a website. Unity means the typography, graphics, images, animations, content, etc. are all in sync. These elements should work hand-in-hand in order to present the website as intended.

A unified website not only would look complete, it would also feel complete. Customers will know and feel when a website isn’t fully-formed.

Color scheme

One of the most basic elements of a good web design is its color theme. The rule is, two to three colors should be enough. One or two main colors and the third, serving as an accent usually does the job pretty well. Sticking to a certain color palette is also beneficial in the long-run for branding purposes.

Pro tip: when you rebrand, make sure not to stray away from your original colors. Stick within the shades of the two or three colors the brand has built an image in, so that brand recognition will prevail even with the logo’s new look.


Above all else, a top SEO company in Dubai opines that in its final form, the website should be able to make users feel connected. How do you do this? Build an environment of intuition on the website design.

What this basically means is that animations, scrolling and navigation should make sense, and they should make the user feel that he there is fluid transition between pages, the folders and the general look and feel of the website.