Hire a Web Designer Made Easy in 3 Steps

18 January 2015 | Web Design

It comes as no surprise when you read somewhere that online marketing has really grown in recent years. With people’s growing reliance on and use of the Web, using internet marketing alongside conventional methods seems the most logical choice.

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So it’s also no surprise that people are going into website design UAE has a career choice, since a good website becomes the hub of any online marketing campaign. Linking, say, your firm’s Twitter page to your homepage keeps the conversation between you and potential client going, until finally you get a conversion.

Maybe you’ll argue that you can figure out WordPress soon, or learn programming yourself, to keep everything in-house. However, when it comes to getting your website up and running, or redesigning your old one, it’s often a better choice to hire a web designer. That is, someone who’s been doing it for some time, and isn’t doing it just as a hobby, but as a paying job.

If you don’t know how to hire a web designer or web design company, the whole thing can seem daunting. Here are a few ways you can make the task easier.

1. Find them. Easier said than done, perhaps. The girl wearing a beanie and seated at the table next to yours in the coffee shop has as much chance of being a designer as the guy in gouthic clothing seated in the corner – so don’t assume.

Instead, check out the sites you’ve seen that seem to have a steady and engaged community, and see if you can find anything to identify the designer and programmer. If not, you can send an email to the owner to get this info. Take note of the ones whose work feels closest to your vision for your own website, especially if they run their own sites advertising their services.

2. Make contact. They won’t know you’re looking for a web designer unless you make the first move and talk to them, whether on the phone or through email. In fact, you can start with email, and then set up a meeting in person so you can discuss the project in more detail.

Meeting them is important because it will help you understand how they communicate, and how clearly they can convey their own vision and ideas. Their ability to simplify things unless technical jargon is needed is a good indicator of whether they can get your message out in their designs.

3. Ask away. There are several questions you’ll want to take note of, because they will help narrow your list down further until you have the designer or design company best suited to your needs. Knowing how long they’ve worked in web design will give you an idea on how much experience they’ve had; asking if they’re doing it full-time will tell you how much effort they’ll be putting into the project. You can search online for key questions to ask, so choose those which make the most sense to you.

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