Working With a Web Design Company: 5 Traits of Great Logo Design

17 February 2015 | Web Design

In business, how recognizable you are is an integral part of success. Whether you cater to a local, national, or international audience, if no one is familiar with your company, you’re not likely to have many customers, so you won’t last as long as you’d like. Of course, the opposite is true – the more people know you exist, the higher your chances of becoming a stable establishment.

When expanding online, then, Dubai web design will be one of the key points in your marketing strategy. The overall look and feel of your website, for one, is one of the things that will contribute to people recognizing you. To really tie your message together, though, you need a logo. Not only can you use it in your website’s header, but you can use it on all your marketing material – just as with conventional marketing methods before the Web came into play.

But what makes a great – not just good – logo? How do you make sure it will stand the test of time, and will be easily recognizable by your target market?

1. Simplicity. You don’t want the viewers to spend more than a minute to try and figure out what the logo is supposed to be, what it stands for, or what its message is. Look at McDonald’s and its attention-grabbing ‘M’. The color is a bright golden yellow set against a red background is not just highly recognizable, but people associate it with a certain taste.

2. Uniqueness. The logo doesn’t have to actually show what your company does. Globes and arrows are overused in design, so having them anywhere on your logo will ensure it won’t stand out among the competition. Color isn’t so much an issue as is the overall design, but do make more than a nominal attempt at a new combination. You’ll also need to remember that different colors may mean something different in another culture, so aim for something neutral.

3. Versatility. Logo design Abu Dhabi won’t be as effective if it looks vastly different when resized. Whether you’re using it on a ballpoint pen, on a storefront ad, or on a billboard, it should still read well, without the different elements not looking disparate, blurred, or otherwise unrecognizable.

4. Appropriateness. You likely already know who your target market is, or will be, so design your logo accordingly. Marketing to teens means a more upbeat or funky design; meanwhile, young professionals and older adults won’t be too taken by something overly fancy. Overall, though, the lines should be as clean as possible

5. Cohesiveness. All the elements in the logo shouldn’t have to be contained, say professional logo designers; if any sort of border is needed, no matter the shape, the logo may actually be little more than a few symbols that are in no way connected.

A web design company in Dubai doesn’t usually include designing logos in their services, so you’ll want to make sure you have one ready before you start your campaign. But if you’re lucky to come across a firm that does offer such a service as part of their package, you may find that combining your ideas with theirs will result in something that’s highly appealing, and one you won’t regret having invested in.

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