Get to Know the 4 Leading Cross – Browser Testing Tools

01 April 2015 | Domains and Hosting Web Design

The designs of web design Egypt are ready and so are the contents. The videos are in check and the layouts are properly arranged. The step that comes next will find out if everything you’ve worked hard for has finally paid off. The time for the cross – browser testing has arrived.

The process that every virtual solutions and SEO company Egypt undertake before they let their site go live, cross – browsing fastens the process which identifies if a site has been created efficiently. This phase tackles the aspect of reassuring the accessibility and visibility of the site. Not all raw sites will be viewable in all digital platforms. From this reason alone – it enunciates that this process is a huge must for online marketing companies.


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A web application that comes with a whimsical design, Browserling gives live and interactive access to different kinds of browser sessions that run on virtual machines. It gives the user a grade – A, authentic look on the website as viewed on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. On the free plan, users are only allowed to utilize its services for Internet Explorer 9 with duration of three (3) minutes. This part is good for testing and should testers like how it does its thing, they can avail it with a monthly fee of $19.


Another virtual website tester, Sauce Labs gives access to about 400 browsers, operating and mobile systems. It exists to make sure that a website is created to be viewed in all kinds of digital platforms. It is available for free on the first few sessions but once the tester uses all of those up, it will require a subscription. Apart from its good testing capacity, the thing that makes Sauce Labs stand out is its privacy feature. Once engaged in a paid – plan, users can make use of its privacy mode that terminates their virtual machine session after finishing the testing of one website. It comes with manifold settings so subscribers of this tester can enjoy it for it full capacity.


The testing tool that overlooks the application of virtualization reliance, BrowserStack is keen on following the process of cloud computing. It supports manifold platforms that reach 700 different browser and operating system combinations, including mobile ones. It’s probably the best recognized tester out there because Microsoft, Bose, Citrix, and Github are amongst its loyal clientele. It has the Responsive Design Testing preview that only requires a URL and the rest of the testing schemes will be available at the user’s disposal.


Screen shots may not allow the capability of interaction but it can provide good visual gauge on how web design appears on several browsers and OS. Browser Shots gives screen shots the website in a short period of time, allowing the selection of a broad range of popular and obscure browsers in a form of a check list. In addition to that, it also allows the enabling and disabling of elements such as Javascript, Java, and Flash and even defines colour depth and screen size parameters.

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