Enhance Your Online Presence with Web Design and Mobile Applications Combined

23 March 2015 | Web Design

When you move or expand your company online, putting the website together is just half the job. The other half is remembering that a large number of visitors may be using mobile platforms, as opposed to desktop or laptop computers. So you need to make sure your website is responsive, so that you don’t alienate these users.

With the number of smart phones on the market still rising – and considerably higher than it was before – businesses have turned to looking for a web developer for hire that could also help them develop mobile applications (‘app’ for short) that they can use to reach a wider audience and see higher conversion rates.

After all, having a website is integral to boosting your firm’s online presence, but it may get lost in the world of mobile users; that’s where a mobile app comes in. With the right features, eye-catching design, and easy interface, your company’s mobile app can take your advertising where solely online avenues can’t take it.

With the right website development Qatar company, how can an app help build or improve your business?

1. Engagement. Mobile platforms have actually given companies more possibilities to involve their customers more closely. For instance, a food company can make use of an app that helps users find recipes that use the very same company’s products, as a way to make grocery shopping easier for them.

Including functions for social media can take the app further, as far as reach is concerned, since doing so would allow users to share information among their social circles.

2. Additional earnings. Rarely do applications provide a direct financial return, but they bring other benefits such as increased loyalty. The lower need for constant outbound marketing means that you can eventually cut costs. An increase in the number of loyal customers also ensures a steady stream of income for you.

3. Customer service. Since you want to make life easier for your customers, mobile apps can make achieving that goal easier, through either customer service or support. For instance, a bank could have an app that allows clients to easily deposit checks without having to visit one of their branches. The same app could have a button that lets users quickly give feedback, thus making up the ‘customer service’ section.

This straightforward and more direct approach is one that customers can appreciate, both for its ease and its convenience.

4. Promotion. This is the first thing that comes to mind, but often it comes after all the other ‘enhancements’ – like an afterthought, since the promotion comes naturally after great customer service and the like. The more mobile users see your company’s app, the more they can connect it to your products and services.

5. Convenience. When you hire a web developer who also offers mobile app development, a good idea would be to include a function that enables users to purchase items even while not at their computers. Another option to consider is to have the app notify users in a certain area about promotional sales, new products, and the like. Since they’re already nearby, they may well become curious enough to visit the store to see the products for themselves.