Digital and Traditional Media: The Two Main Web Design Dubai Means for an End

10 December 2014 | Web Design Web Development

With technology aptly dominating almost all facets of the business world, there is a rising argument regarding the effectiveness between the traditional and digital media surfaces. Which one is more applicable? Can the other step aside in order for the other to let entrepreneurs thrive? For the case of web design Dubai, it would actually require both means for business to thrive and this article will tell you why…

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Living in a new world, we now come across two different ways of approach. You got the digital and you also have the traditional. For website designing services Dubai, we deal with these two approach as well as we tackle these two forms of media.

Traditional Media refers to the kind of media that is mostly used in the conceptualization phase. Think of it as a way of putting together ideas to make them more existential. It concerns the usage of non technological means like papers and pens and literal coloring materials.

Digital Media, on the other matter, refers to the media that is used to generate these ideas and turn them into full – blown products. If traditional media plays the key role in the conceptualization, digital media is the main medium to generate the project towards actuality. Here is where individuals with the entitlement of web designer Dubai utilize software or programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. Here is where the broadcasting happens as well.


The tools used in Traditional Media mostly involves first – hand usage of the items themselves. Tangibility is one of its main characteristics. This literally means direct contact to your hand. For an instance, in coming up with an outline for a campaign for social media marketing Dubai, it would require a piece of paper, some pencils for the first part of the outlines then markers for emphasis. There’s also the option to use coloring materials like watercolors, pastels or crayons. To put it simply, it’s dealing with the actual version of art.

With Digital Media, it actually concerns two aspects: the internal and the external. For the external part, there are only a few tangible materials that you would need. First things first, you would need a laptop or a computer that is powerful enough to process high quality images. The second one is somewhat optional – a graphics tablet. This is an external device that’s built to have similar function as that of a drawing pen and paper. It functions to transfer drawings onto the computer for optimization.

Now, for the internal aspect of Digital Media, there are programs that every web designer would use to put everything in place. These downloadable software have the capability to render 2D to 3D animation Dubai
images. It basically knows no bounds when it comes to processing digital artworks and incorporating them to a full blown design that customers or clients are hoping to get a hold of for their company’s improvement.


As these facts are laid down, there’s only one realization to such aspects. It’s the simple fact both forms of media are needed in order to come up with one, impressive design. Basically, the absence of one would affect the other’s effectiveness, which only means both are aptly required.