Are These Websites Seriously For Business? Their Web Designs Are Just Pathetic!

17 March 2016 | Web Design

In this modern era, the best promotional tool for businesses is none other than a website. A successful business equals a successful website. With it, you can easily update your visitors with latest news, contact information and assistance through customer service.

As we all know, the web design indicates the first impression of visitors which is very important to gain their trust towards your products and services. Studies show that 94% of people gain trust in to a website through its design. Same goes to these 5 websites which clearly shows inappropriate use of web design and graphics.


At first glance, you will notice that this website is like a classified ads section full of annoying and distracting ads. It seems like the designer preferred to throw up all kinds of ads in this site and mixed them up together without proper categorization.

Ling’s Cars


How can your visitor focus into the services you offer if your site contains all these gif plus this annoying chicken, roaming around your site? Expert web designers know the fact that a simpler design concept is much more attractive than throwing all these unnecessary things in your website.

The World’s Worst Website


Just as its name suggests, “The World’s Most Worst Website” indeed stands on its name! Without a doubt, it is the worst site of all. With its excessive designs and gifs, you’d think that the web designer is not in his right mind during its construction.

Constellation Seven


Don’t get too agitated just with the sight of those angels, because after going through the site, you will surely suffer from a serious migraine. Its color combination is the worst of all!

Click On Things


Okay! We’re seeing a lot of slides, all slides. You’d think that maybe if you’d click through it, you’d discover a whole new wonderful images with matching insights about the image. But don’t get too frustrated! After you click the image, you will see nothing but a wider side of it. Sounds pathetic, right?

As we tackle the topic of web designs and development, we could hear serious answers from professional web designs about how a website should be properly made. But unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone. Some web designers tend to frustrate its visitors with mind buzzling gifs and all the other unnecessary things stuffed together in a single page. Visitors will have a tough time conceptualizing the real concept of the site. REMEMBER: Simplicity does not equal to low standards. Sometimes it is much preferred by visitors as long as the design and content is tailored to meet their needs.