6 Popular Trends that are Dominating Today’s Web Design Industry

21 April 2015 | Web Design

The rise of the Worldwide Web has paved the way for the relatively easy entry of small and medium-sized enterprises into the competitive world of business, and it’s also made it easier for them to promote and sell their products and services. Creating a website however, is never an easy thing to do, since it requires a lot of planning, creation, updating, and promotion. Here’s a brief overview of the trends and innovations that are dominating the web design industry today.

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1. Infinite Scrolling – Today, the popular social media sites such as Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest are now fully supporting infinite or boundless scrolling. Boundless scrolling means that the website has the ability to automatically load more content, especially when a user scrolls straight to the bottom of the page.

Web design Egypt experts have now fully adopted the boundless scrolling effect, as a way to improve user experience, by eliminating pagination and loading the content that users truly want, without compelling them to load extra pages.

2. Content Is Still King – While the website developers of yesterday were too focused on flashy logos and affiliate ads, today’s seasoned, and more innovative, crop of web designers Egypt are paying extra attention to the information that online visitors are more interested in. Thus, they’re designing around content, as opposed to pouring content into a finished design.

Apart from putting a premium on content, websites are also designed in a simple and minimalist manner, to provide visitors just exactly what they are looking for. Many web design experts also firmly believe that websites which are mainly built around content are more likely to drive targeted traffic, and create better conversions for e-commerce sites.

3. App-Style Interface Design – The mobile websites of today now have app-style user interfaces, which have a native look and feel. The conventional user interface design patterns today include top title bars, icon-based tab bars, pre-formatted tables and large buttons.

4. Single-Page Sites – Content-first website design Egypt, along with infinite or boundless scrolling, have led to the increasing popularity of single-page websites over the past two years. Single-page websites often put emphasis on designing that’s “above-the-fold”, so that website visitors will quickly find what they’re looking for in just one page.

5. Full Video & Photo Backgrounds – While over-sized image backgrounds are still popular today, a lot of mobile websites are now incorporating videos and photos in their background designs, in order to appeal to the more voracious visual appetites of today’s Internet users.

6. “Responsive” Designs – One of the most popular web-design phrases in the past two or three years is “responsive design”. Responsive design generally uses a single design, and it uses CSS too, to innovatively restyle the website and to effectively display on different devices and screen sizes.

In simple terms, “responsive” web design simply refers to the fact that a website has been created in such a way that all of the content, images and structure remain the same, regardless of what device is used (laptop, smartphone, iPad). For instance, when someone accesses a website using a tablet, the website retracts to fit the device’s screen.

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