5 Web Design Secrets for a Successful Small-Scale Business Website

24 May 2015 | Web Design

A website is the most important element of any small business. Some small-scale businesses can’t even exist without a webpage like an “e-commerce” business, which promotes or sells online products or services. Even a tailoring center can benefit from a site that showcases its items and helps people locate its place. However, it doesn’t mean that success is reached once you build or get a new redesigned site for your business. It’s just the beginning.

The truth is, getting and running a site can be a bit daunting. There are countless of options and costs you need to consider. To get you started, here are some tips to make your small business website alive and kicking!

1. Create priorities for your small business website, stick to them!

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If your purpose of having a new small business site is to simply have to have one these days, you’re definitely not alone. So what to do to stay more focused and organized in achieving your real business goals? Simple, take advantage of the site by making specific prioritized goals in mind. What are they? Is it educating prospects? Generating phone inquiries or sales through e-commerce? Or maybe capturing leads for email marketing? Again, develop your priorities please.

2. Pick a common website platform

Picking a common website platform means you have many more choices to get help if you need to. The great thing about this, you can get almost everything for free!

In other cases, there are business owners who prefer choosing a proprietary website platform (the opposite). The result is, getting back-up assistance, upgrades, or changes made for those businesses became very difficult when the company that built the platform suddenly shuts down. You don’t want to happen in your business, right?

A firm of website development Bahrain suggests some of today’s common Content Management Systems (CMS) that are easy to update such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

3. Keep your web design clean and simple (clutter-free)

This time, please remove all clutters! A cluttered web design with poor navigation is one of the reasons why people leave your site quickly as possible. Studies show that most people are more into a “user-friendly site” or a “professional-looking webpage.”

A web design company Bahrain suggests that a great small business website should be served best by a neat, simple, and easy to navigate web design.

4. Always keep your site updated and relevant

An out of date site won’t win you any followers. Trust me. So make sure your website is up to date and filled with useful contents, and has current information. Do your best in checking your website periodically to ensure that all information is still current.

Expired call to actions such as “Big Sale this Christmas” or “Limited Offer Tonight” need to be removed after the promos end. A regularly updated blog is one of the reasons why people keep coming back on your empire!

5. Give your audience what they really want

Your visitors have their own expectations. Most of them are looking for certain information to answer their questions. What if they can’t find one?

Take note, certain pages like an about page and contact page less mandatory. So make sure your visitors find what they expect to find; easily and quickly. Some experts from a team of website development Qatar prefer highlighting the tabs that link to these pages.