Logo Design 5 Identified Colors and Their Significant Meanings

30 October 2014 | Web Design Web Development

The world is made up of colors and the absence of them would mean total oblivion to our imagination. You see, there’s more to colors than what meet the eyes because it delves deeper to your soulful recognition. It has the ability to get in touch with your emotions and change the way you view things, which is why colors bear great significance in a person’s life – thus making it very important in the world of business as well.

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The existence of colors has the ability to invoke up to 80 percent change in decision making impulse in terms of online shopping, advertising and marketing campaigns. This is why it’s rather imperative for you to know which colors invoke. Here’s a list of simple things you can make sense of when choosing the colors for your logo design…


They say white is not really considered as a color because it is the absence of all colors. Be that as it may, white signifies cleanliness and peace. When utilized on logos, it is usually applied on reversed texts or in a negative space.

Meaning: purity, innocence, refined, sterile, simplicity, surrender, truthfulness.


Yellow has the tendency to be bordered on two distinctions when it comes to the definitions it emanates. It could either be the distinction of brightness and visibility or warmth and bliss. Other times, it can also be used to accentuate caution. Both aspects actually bear the positive trait so it should be good when you opt to use in for logo design in Dubai.

Meaning: warning, cheerful, cowardice, curiosity, happiness, joy, playful, positivity, warmth.


What is basically coined as one of the most eye-catching of all colors, orange has the strong attribute to draw attention. It is usually used on logo design Dubai when advertisers wish to invoke the aspects of high positivity. What does this mean? Such color emanates the elements of playfulness which stimulate emotions, other times – appetites.

Meaning: affordable, creativity, enthusiasm, fun, jovial, lighthearted, high – spirited, youthful.


The color that exudes intensity, red is known to summon full pledged emotions because of the way it is the color of our blood. When the color of red comes to mind, you start thinking about warfare, love and passion – such strong likeability. When it’s being used on logo designs, artists would bank on it to take hold of the viewer’s attention which is akin to having them experience a rise in their blood pressure or induce the action of hunger.

Meaning: action, adventure, aggressive, blood, danger, drive, energy, excitement, strength, vigor.


Graphic design Dubai is fairly knowledgeable when it comes to the context of using the color blue. It’s the kind of color that invokes the aspects of authority, success and security – quite the compelling aspects when you begin to weigh them out. It’s more like a universally liked color. When you ask an individual of a color they like, a shade of blue is bound to represent itself. The color of blue is one of the most widely used colors in logo design. You see it used by the government, medical institutions and a whole lot more.

Meaning: calmness, confidence, dignity, established, loyalty, power, success, serenity.