4 Surefire Tips in Choosing a Reliable Web Design and Development Firm

21 May 2015 | Web Design

Truth be told, there are numerous web design firms boasting themselves as the “best”, the “most excellent”, or the “most reliable” (blah, blah, blah). What else? Well, there’s a lot. It’s not bad, actually. It just happens that some aren’t true in what they’re saying.

This is bad, especially if you’re searching to find one for your project or business. To help you out in your “searching mission”, here are 4 tips on how to choose a reliable web design and web development firm.

1. Check out the Firm’s Capabilities

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Discover what the capabilities of the firm are. Much better to grab the portfolios or CV’s of all the individuals that are employed. Quite often, firms have a bias of some kind. The best are those that have a balance of development, creative, and Internet marketing, if you have specific requirements – create a list and ask the firm what their proficiency from those skills.

2. The Firm’s Age (IMPORTANT for some reasons)

You might say that age doesn’t matter. Sorry, but in this industry, it can be a HUGE factor! The Internet has seen numerous changes in a relatively short space of time. So if a web design & development agency has been in the scene for five or more years, it has obviously been managed well. The web has also seen the rise and bust of various companies. Those that still live to tell the tales are obviously the ones being run successfully – survivors!

What do you think of a website development Egypt firm like Conqueror IT? Yes, we’re survivors too!

3. Discover the Team

How big they are? Are they amateurs of professionals? Can they assure efficiency and reliability? Remember, a larger web company is higher resourced, while a smaller one is somehow more flexible. It’s your option what to choose – either big or small team.

The rule of the thumb is to pick a web agency that can REALLY handle the volume of tasks and projects you require. Let’s say you have more than 5000 employees but your development and actual marketing requirements are reasonably low. In this case, you’re only likely to need an agency of 5-10 employees.

Experts from an agency of web design Egypt say that a big web design firm can ensure your business won’t be forgotten regardless of how busy their firm is. See the advantage?

4. Find out the Firm’s Track Record

Always check the portfolio of the web design and development agencies you are considering. Know the various companies that they have worked for. Do you recognize the names?

Do a comprehensive research and check if those companies really exist and have the same webpage site that the web firm designed. Ask yourself if you really like the designs they have created. And study how they build them.

Are those user friendly designs? Do they represent the brand or the company efficiently? Are those designs impressive? Do you think they can be applied on your own brand? Study, think, and ask advices from your trusted colleagues.

A great web designer Egypt once suggests, “Ask the firm if they can send you references or much better testimonials from their past clients.” And once you get these testimonials, check them out if those are really TRUE! Make sure they’re not fake.