3 Tips to Remember for Better 2D Animation in Web Design

10 February 2015 | Video Marketing Web Design

When it comes to the Internet, websites can go in two directions, as far as design is concerned. They can be simple, with either a single color or a gradient background. Or they can be a tad more complex, with designs in the background meant to enhance the content without distracting from it. Navigation in either case is largely the same, since no one seems to be keen on making it difficult for users to find their way around.

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Even with the many website templates available on the web, ranging in simple to complicated, it can be difficult to put together a site that truly stands out – which is a main concern of web design UAE. Of course, the end goal isn’t to come up with a design that’s completely unique. After all, the majority of layouts and designs today are a result of people building on older designs, borrowing elements from several other people along the way without outright copying an idea.

One of these elements, while not quite a trend but still something to watch for nonetheless, is the use of 2D animation Dubai in addition to the basic design. Used properly, the addition of animation can take your website from ho-hum to attention-grabbing, in such a way that it leads to more conversions. So how do you actually integrate it properly? Here are a few tips to remember, to achieve just that.

1. Keep it simple. A sprite that does an entire gymnastics routine might be amusing the first 30 seconds, but after a while it gets staid and just plain annoying – especially if it gets in the user’s way when they’re trying to read the content.

One possible action you can use would be to have the sprite appear to be looking through the content at the same time the user is. Leaving the animation to the menu is another. For example, hovering over the menu box makes it unfold to show the different sections.

2. Use it sparingly. You don’t want to use flash animation in every page of your website. Hire a web designer to help handle this part of your online marketing campaign if you need to, but be picky about how you use the animation part.

You can have a company mascot walk the user through the registration process, for example, if your site is for ecommerce. Or you can use animation to introduce the company, instead of using all text for the “About Us” section.

3. Offer options. A full-page flash animation intro, even if it’s two dimensional, can be tedious for the visitor, so be sure to include an option to turn it off or skip it so they can go straight to the site content. Doing so shows the users that you only have their interests at heart, and aren’t hung up on showing off your website’s superior animation, because that’s not what they’re after.

Another way to go about this is with animated product videos. Even if it’s for a featured product, give users the power to choose whether it plays or not. Who knows, curiosity may get the better of them, and they click on it and play, anyway.
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