Twitter Starting To Gain Popularity in GCC

06 April 2016 | Blog

According to the head of revenue for Mena region, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Middle East and North Africa (Mena) are two fast growing regions of Social Media UAE nowadays.


In a statement released by head of revenue for Twitter Benjamin Ampin, he referred the said social networking site as the fabric of everyday life and added that their focus is to provide the best user experience, leading to greater ROI for advertisers. There are more or less 320 million worldwide users of this social networking site and this number continues to grow every day. Tweet from different individuals to famous personalities are all over newspapers, TV programs, news websites and social media platforms.

Twitter is now celebrating 10 years of service and has expanded its office in Dubai just last August. Since its formal launching, their Dubai-based office continues to inhibit fruitful results, this news is confirmed by the head of revenue Benjamin Ampen.

For the last few months since the launching of Dubai office, GCC was seen to establish high usage from great clients from social media Middle East. Twitter Video, which was launched recently, brought increased popularity and brand engagement towards Twitter users. Every Twitter user, approximately 85%, are longing for a video content, this is based on a recent research conducted by Saudi Arabia’s Neilsen Consumer Deep Dive.

Another Twitter tool will soon be launched which will be called “First View”. This latest update will let marketers achieve greater audience reach through the help of Twitter’s advertising real estate for a maximum time of 24 hours. The program goes like this; during the first attempt of log in, users will have a slot tagged as promoted video. This way, marketers can maximize the video’s visibility towards Twitter audience.

To basically provide approximate number of Twitter users in UAE, a report was made through the help of Web Index. It goes to show that for female, there are approximately 34% Twitter users and 66% are male users. In totality, there are 96% of twitter users who partake shopping decisions in UAE. 89% of the entire user population uses mobile gadgets to access this site or through its app.

In the near future, Ampen also emphasized the 5 main priotities of Twitter: make things easier, live streaming app, Periscope, and six second video app. Aside from the famous Periscope app of Twitter, the “Stickers” app that allow users to add their photos. This new feature aims to create personalized stickers for better user experience. Social Media Dubai is indeed starting to become part of the daily lives of people living in that country.