Why Is It Good To Have Your Brand On Social Media

10 June 2015 | Social Media

To some, social media is one of the next frontiers in Internet marketing. SEO, or search engine optimisation may not be as effective as it was decades ago. As more and more people go to social media for news, communication, shopping and life influences, product marketing has also greatly changed. Today, at least 75% of the world have social media accounts. That number alone is indicative of how wide-spanning a potential Internet campaign can be when hosted with these platforms.


Social Media

SEO experts are united in saying that social media forms a big part in how a company’s brand is perceived by its public. Not mentioning, social media also has the immense power to gather in new interest from non-customers – promoting higher brand recognition among the masses.


So why is it effective for your company to have a social media presence?


First and foremost, a social media presence enhances a customer brand experience.


When you are present on social media, your brand becomes more approachable. Your mere presence alone makes people think that you are serious about giving out the best services you can give. It’s a two-way communication machine, you can market, and you can give customer service at the same time.


When your brand is on social media, recognition and loyalty levels increases.


Remember that there are billions of people using social media. This vast audience-base is a fertile land for new and existing brands to stake their claim on different audiences. Brand recognition is very important when it comes to customer retention. Marketing is all about getting your brand recognized – embedded on your audiences mind. Latent and progressive marketing techniques involve not a direct sale, but putting the seed in the customers mind that you are present.


Several studies show that people who follow brands on social media are 50-60% loyal to those brands. Visual stimulation and direct communication to these brands can be considered culprit. According to SEO company in Turkey, the more people see a company’s content, the more they are drawn to that brand.