Penguin 4.0 or Just Another Google Algorithm Updates?

07 March 2016 | Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Google Algorithm updates work similarly as a thunderstorm; it hits with force. It is expected that Penguin 4.0 will hit early this 2016. Webmasters are starting to gather all their might to get through the loom and twirl for this another algorithm update.


Currently, there are a number of signs that could possibly mean another Google update or just another Google Algorithm , but there are no further announcement and Black Hat forums are still quiet which means that the recent change is not brought by an update.

Some posts of curious marketers from WebmasterWorld :

Some of my keywords are showing massive spike in ranking. I hope they stays

My biggest realworld business site looks as though it may have its busiest day of the year, already at 4th busiest and up 50% so far v average, with a good spread across many countries tomorrow’s analysis will be interesting.

Have seen an uptick in traffic today. It’s looking like a steady increase of roughly 10%. I have also noticed that my long tail keyword rankings have been improving over the last week, but broad keywords are falling slightly. Conversions are normal and steady for this time of year.

Nevertheless, you should know that a highly competent and prepared webmasters and SEO’s are the ones who can surely cope up with algorithm updates. If you’re still not prepared, then you should start doing it now so you can protect your business from the possible harm. No automated tracking tools can produce exact results so far.

Webmasters are eyeing possible Penguin update which is expected to roll out this March.