Penguin 4.0 Coming Soon! Tips and Tricks To Cope Up…

07 March 2016 | Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Dated last April 24, 2012, Penguin was first launched by Google to primarily fight against violators of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. To remove sites with spammy content and obvious dirty techniques serves as the main goal of Penguin 4.0. This latest update basically stops rank manipulation which is becoming rampant these days. Penguin targets link spams that includes, low quality backlinks, too many anchored text links, text advertisements that pass through the PageRank, and too much link exchanges.


Assess The Status of Your Website

The first thing that you should do before setting up an action plan is to access the current status of your site. This is similar as gathering your tools before building a house. You will also need to access your strengths as well as your weaknesses. You also need to understand that aside from removing spammy content, websites are also devaluated based on other reasons including bad coding, issues with servers, and poor content. Assessing the real cause of the declined rankings will produce the actual solution of your problem.

Preparation For The Google Update

Since Google’s Penguin update mainly focuses in shady tactics, you should take effort in avoiding it. Your goal should be focused in providing sophisticated user experience which ultimately drags up you traffic without using black tactics. To avoid devaluation of website’s rank, follow these step by step guide to fight off the negative effects of Penguin 4.0 update.

Step 1: Analysis of Traffic Fluctuation

Let’s say your traffic have declined after the Penguin update, soon you’ll wonder how you could recover from your loss. But first, you should ask yourself whether the fluctuation is actually caused by the penalty or other things influenced it.
To think of it, regular updates and checkups of the website traffic serves a very important role in spotting a definitive penalty. You should also know the appearance of fluctuations and inbound traffic to determine if you actually angered Penguin.

Analyzing traffic is made easy through these tools:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Alexa
  4. Bizinformation
  5. Quantcast

Step 2: Profile Review of Backlinks

  • Spot the low quality links. Remove these links as soon as you found then to avoid difficulties in the future.
  • Promote links coming from sites with same niche. Link relevance is you key to avoid being hit by Penguin 4.0 update.
  • Delete duplicate content from your site. Actually it is not covered by Penguin but there’s a great chance of site devaluation caused by duplicate content.
  • Links from guest blogging sites should be removed. It is safer if you remove these links because Google might crack down with these links.
  • Avoid advertorial links placed to your site.
  • Remove anchor links with exact match.
  • Remove links coming from spam sites.


Step 3: Continued Monitoring

To avoid dreadful impact towards any algorithm update, specifically Penguin 4.0, you need to have a monitoring system tools such as Ahrefs, Majestic SEO and Webmaster tools. These days, proper SEO is more focus on natural approach.

Step 4: Trust Flow

Trusted links are very important since they are the manifestation of a good online company. Penguin 4.0 is very keen when it comes to the trust flow of a certain website. Take note that you can avoid being hit by Penguin update if your site have high authority and trust flow.

Step 5: Link Velocity

Link velocity refers to the speed of links being posted in a site. Be extra cautious about this because artificial increased of link velocity might be suspected by Penguin.

Step 6: Follow and NoFollow links

The battle continues against Follow and NoFollow links. These two obviously promotes SEO but too much of these links will be detected as spam by Penguin. Avoid too many Follow and NoFollow links.

Step 7: Anchor Diversity

Even without Penguin, Google continuously punish violators with too much anchor text as backlinks. Websites should not obtain more than 65% of anchor text. Also, websites can avoid penalties though adding natural-looking backlinks instead of money keywords. Anchor diversity mainly focuses in the natural flow of keywords.



Google Penguin 4.0 is something you shouldn’t be afraid of, only if you are doing things squishy clean. But if not, try to change your concept, there are things you can only achieve once you do it without hidden agenda! For now, Best of Luck Marketers and Webmasters!

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