Google Headmaster Confirms Penguin 4.0 Will Be Rolling Within Weeks

19 January 2016 | Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

UPDATE: Just today, Jan 20, Gary Illyes confirmed on Twitter that the Penguin 4.0 update will roll out within weeks or at the end of the quarter.

google peguin 4.0 update 2016

Google is expected to roll out its latest Penguin update: Penguin 4.0. It was launched last April 24, 2012. The next Penguin update was released last May 26, 2012, creating 0.1% impact. Penguin 3 was released last October 5, 2012. Penguin 4 (Penguin 2.0) was released on May 22, 2013. Penguin 5 (Penguin 2.1) was released on October 4, 2013 and the last Penguin update was released last October 17, 2014. Now, webmasters are eager to know if the latest Penguin update is already rolling or still have to wait a couple of months. For SEO gurus doing the “right way”, this new update serves as a good news. But not all folks will love this new update, black hat practitioners will most likely get disappointed with it.

What is Google’s Penguin 4.0?

 This Penguin 4.0 Update performs quick monitor to spam links resulting to removal of sites from search engines. These missing sites are said to be playing out of rules, most of these sites have received manual actions of deletion.

Last April 2012, this update was first seen to basically improve Google’s search quality. After its release, major ripples happened in the digital industry making significant changes on the appearance of search results. It created major advantages in the part of websites promoting the right way but disaster to websites trying to cheat Google’s Algorithm. Keyword stuffing is the most common way to generally trick Google Search Results, it is a clear violation of Google’s guidelines.

 What’s Unique With Penguin 4.0?

According to rumors, Penguin 4.0 runs a real-time update of Google’s Algorithm. This goes to say that Penguin will mostly be “on” and running all the time. With Penguin 4.0, Black hat tactics won’t work any longer. Instead of debating more on whether there’s actually Black hat tactics or not, Google made Penguin 4.0 as the most effective solution to the said issue.

Since Penguin will be running real time, it will be very quick to catch violators and boost up site ranks to those websites doing their part ranking to Google’s search results.

 What Do You Need To Do About Penguin 4.0?

If you’re much conscious with your link profile because of the new Google update, then you are actually doing the worst thing. But it’s never too late fixing the problem. You can just dispose unnecessary things to your disposal to clean the mess in your link profile. If you are not sure how to optimize it, you can ask the assistance of an SEO consultant to make recommendations about things that should stay from the things that should get disposed in your total clean up drive.

Disavow Tool is readily available in case you’re looking for some smart tool to alert you from incoming links to your site that looks suspicious. You can also opt to directly contact the webmaster to remove unreliable links from your website. You’ll be lucky if the webmaster accommodates you instantly since most of them deny response at all.

You also need to bear in mind that Google will not provide actual warning just in case your site will get affected by this new update. You should work things out immediately to avoid further confrontation.

If you see that your search traffic from April 24, launch of Penguin, seems low, you are probably affected by the latest update. If you see increase in your traffic, then CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve profited from the penguin update. If you see no change, then the update created no effect on your site.

 What Are The Ways To Recover From Penguin 4.0?

 Penguin 4.0 is there to remove spam websites, so the best thing to do in case you’ve been targeted by Penguin is to remove all spam content of your website. Take a view of your Inbox if Google was able to send messages about spam activities in your site. For those who didn’t bother to verify their accounts, it’s pretty obvious that messages are flooded in Google Webmaster Central. Take action in everything that Google marked as spam or somehow spam-like. If you think Google mistook your site as spam, you can fill out a form and report errors to resolve the issue.

penguin and panda update 2016

What is Panda 4.2?

If Penguin 4.0 targets spam websites, Panda 4.2 targets low quality websites. On April 19, Google has released this new update to better enhance Google’s Algorithm. To determine if you’ve been affected by Panda 4.2, you can follow the same ways on how to determine traffic lost from Penguin 4.0.

People are expecting for this new update since last December. But a Google spokesperson confirmed that because of the holidays, the new Penguin update will be available this year. Since this Penguin update runs in real-time, you can expect to feel its changes real-time.