Achieve Higher Content Rankings Through These SEO Tips and Tricks

21 March 2016 | Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search Engine Optimization offers a big part for your site’s overall success. Unlike websites, blog owners don’t have control towards coding. In most blogging platforms, when you type in a new post, you will basically have to type directly to the internet browser. The program will then generate the needed search engine-friendly codes. Despite that convenience, some controls are lost for most bloggers. To rank your blogs online, these things will be very useful.


URL Structure

Some blogs tend to generate URLs with random characters, with no keywords. But you should understand the fact that keywords in URL helps in getting more traffic to your site.

Luckily, most blogging platforms give you the capacity to choose your preferred URL or permalink.


Page Titles

Page title is another important factor for blog SEO. Unfortunately, most bloggers tend to set aside the benefits of customizing the page title. With WordPress, you can apply some codes to customize it. You will just have to open the header.php and find the title tag. Edit the codes to your preference. Input the name of your post in the start and end it with the name of your blog.


Duplicate Content

All bloggers knew the fact that duplicate content is a big “NO” for search engines. But unfortunately, there are still bloggers who practice this kind of tactic to produce more content for their site.

There are also issues involving duplicate pages. You can easily resolve it using robots.txt file that instruct search engines to ignore some pages, leaving only primary pages that should be indexed.


Meta Tags

Meta tags or description can be manually edited for each page. These tags used to be very influential when it comes to search rankings, but now, its effects will not hurt your rankings. Still, it’s best to customize it as much as possible.

WordPress users are allowed to enter Meta tags using Add Meta Tag plugin.

URL structure, page titles, duplicate content and Meta tags are major SEO topics. Understanding them will help your site perform better rankings.