Why Local SEO Is Important For Your Business

18 October 2014 | Online Marketing

There are a lot of talks about how SEO should be local. It’s for the benefit of small businesses but still most business owners don’t get the math why they should be getting the services of an SEO Dubai company.

SEO company in Dubai

As a company that targets the immediate surroundings for your market, you should be optimizing to your local community. It makes sense, right? Yet, as small as the region covered by your business, you still wonder why you are not appearing in search results. The ever-changing algorithms provided by Google have given a lot of businesses a headache, dropping their rankings and wiping them out of the top ranks. They still do not understand how this can happen.

With Google Pigeon sweeping the web last July, the Google Panda has also rolled out by the middle of September 2014. Analyzing how closely these algorithms are spread out, you might think there’s no hope for your business to show up in local searches even if optimized. That’s possible but not always true.

There is a way to calculate the significant role of local SEO for your business. Let’s do the simple math:

Take for instance there are 20 event management companies operating in the UAE. The Google organic results and the map pack provide 17 entries. Now, remove the directory entries to leave you with at least 11 or 12 entries.

Thus, 20 event management companies in UAE minus 12 entries per page, equals to 8. That leaves 8 companies that won’t be showing up in your Google.ae search.

Thus, if you are not found on the 1st page of the UAE SERPs, there’s nothing to worry about. You can move up the ranks little by little through the help of an SEO company in Dubai . It’s really possible to beat your competitors when you allow the experts to make an analysis of your market and the existing competition.

Outranking your competitors is not easy but still it’s not a chemistry formula that you would find hard to balance. You only need to publish engaging content using your focus keywords and provide your visitors with great user experience when they reach your website.

As a web design company in UAE, we know that it’s not easy convincing clients to change their website design into one that will be attractive to users and the search engines. But if you want your biggest marketing tool to work well for you, which is your website, then there’s no other way to do it but do a website re-design together with advanced SEO for Dubai target market. Yet, simply having a website should not give you that idea that it’s the ultimate you can do for your marketing. Instead, a professionally-made website will be the start of great undertakings.

A quality website has a lot to contribute to the effectiveness of local optimization. On top of that, onsite attributes should be compliant to the rules of search engines in order to be indexed and served on the top pages of UAE search results.