Unorthodox Marketing Approaches For Social Media Marketers

12 April 2016 | Online Marketing Social Media

Competent social media marketers should not merely rely on conventional wisdom. Instead, they should seek something unique then make it work like magic, gaining fans, friends and precisely customers.

Social Media Marketing offers admirable potential to your business. For countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and UAE, social media empowers their day to day lives. A recent survey conducted by Northwestern University in Qatar suggests that the top 3 social media platform in Middle East are Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube. In UAE, Facebook got 88% popularity, YouTube got 73% and WhatsApp got 100%. In Egypt, users mostly prefers Facebook over WhatsApp with the percentage of 87% and WhatsApp for 58%, very dissimilar to the digits acquired by UAE users. For Saudi Arabia, users mostly prefer WhatsApp (94%) against Facebook (86%).

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You’ve now comprehended the benefits of social media marketing, now, the question is how you can properly deliver brand awareness to your wide array of viewers? Below are some unorthodox marketing approaches that’s ultimately a sure hit!

Use SlideShare

Everyone knew the fact that Facebook is tagged as the largest and most influential social media platform. Amidst that popularity, Facebook has a fast growing competitor when it comes to shareworthy content – SlideShare. With SlideShare, shareworthy content are embedded or featured on other related websites.

Take note, no publishing payment is needed, you just need to secure a shareworthy or organic content. Watch how fast your content gets viewed and be amazed by the amount of audience it can cover.

Leverage on followings

Most strategies related to social media marketing involves gaining more followers and fans. Though this tactic provides a ‘win-win’ situation for both marketers and business owners, it still requires time and effort to uplift the brand’s name. An alternative for less to no audience is your ability to do followings. In this case, social media influencers in UAE are much needed.

Make the most out of your 140-character Tweet limit on Twitter

It’s pretty much frustrating to limit your post into 140 characters especially if you have something important to announce to your followers on Twitter. But you can definitely escape from this Tweet limit once you upload a photo of that particular announcement, with more than 140 character, into your twitter account.

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Utilize Product Placement

Product Placement is considered as an old strategy to drag potential clients, yet very much effective. Nowadays, social media tried to incorporate the use of product placement and the results are pretty successful.

The strategies mentioned above is very useful especially for newbies in social media industry. So for businesses who haven’t given so much effort in leveraging through social media marketing, the figures mentioned goes to show that your brand will acquire broader audience reach once you invest harder on social media.